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Blake Solomon 05/19/10 07:58 AM

Veara Stream
Veara's new album is streaming on purevolume.

emery3993 05/19/10 08:19 AM

great band, cd sounds awesome

BigG1392 05/19/10 08:41 AM

sweet! been waiting to listen to this

sweepthenation 05/19/10 08:43 AM

Solid band, and the cd sounds good so far

rockandsemo 05/19/10 08:43 AM

nice finally stoked to hear the full cd

RiverRunsRed 05/19/10 08:46 AM

Awesome!!!! Pre Ordering Now!!!

Avalanche1 05/19/10 09:00 AM

Only 4 songs in but so far it is really good.

rockandsemo 05/19/10 09:04 AM

almost done listening, it's not bad but also not the best i've heard so far in 2010

rockandsemo 05/19/10 09:20 AM

the second half of the cd is better than the first half. it will be a cd that has to grow on me

TerrancePryor 05/19/10 09:27 AM

Good stuff.

tyramail 05/19/10 09:50 AM

i can definitely dig this, but i think it will be a grower.

owiseone35 05/19/10 10:37 AM

sounds pretty good.

xdillonjamesx 05/19/10 12:42 PM

great album. i will defiantly be picking up a copy of this.

jco3 05/19/10 01:43 PM

I'm liking this.

BigG1392 05/19/10 02:00 PM

So far it's sounding like a poppier ADTR and Hit The Lights fusion... like it.