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Garett Press 05/20/10 07:53 AM

AP.net Chat: Against Me!
Edit: The chat has ended. Thanks so much to Tom for spending his time with us.

Tom Gabel of Against Me! will be here chatting at 4pm EST/1pm PST. Come through with any and all questions regarding the band's new record: White Crosses.

Jamais_vu 05/20/10 07:58 AM

Ask him how it feels to have the best record of the year again.

ZoSo1886 05/20/10 08:38 AM

What are his thoughts on people saying the band "sold out" their punk roots with the release of New Wave, yet just as many if not more still continue to absolutely love the band.

ThisIsNotDan 05/20/10 08:51 AM

I predict an orgcore invasion

Phil507 05/20/10 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by Jamais_vu (Post 67731652)
Ask him how it feels to have the best record of the year again.

Stole my question.

Bamboo Bones 05/20/10 12:47 PM

Heyaaa guys. I am thinking of asking if we'd ever see potential releases of currently unreleased materials, like album demos and alternate versions of songs, or studio versions of songs that never got past the demo stage, LIKE HOT SHOTS.

zimlinghaus 05/20/10 01:03 PM

is there an actual room we have to enter?

tommygabel 05/20/10 01:03 PM


Garett Press 05/20/10 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by zimlinghaus (Post 67748062)
is there an actual room we have to enter?

nope, it's right here, right now - Tom should be here momentarily

sheisinfinite 05/20/10 01:04 PM

Hey Tom!
I heard you and your wife had a baby around in November.
How does it feel being a dad?
(Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, what's her name?)

gzus h. casas 05/20/10 01:04 PM

are we seriously deleting comments? c'mon Tom's got thick skin and he's heard it before. the question is legit.

tommygabel 05/20/10 01:05 PM

I think I'm in the right place, right?

archdrivebye 05/20/10 01:05 PM

next time you're in fl, do you plan on smashing some of those white crosses?

arcarsenal72 05/20/10 01:05 PM

Hey Tom! What sparked the decision to have Franz join you guys on tour? Is he going to be contributing to new material, old material, or both?

alexalsmith 05/20/10 01:05 PM

Tom, where'd you learn your sweet dance moves? Product of being a child of the 80s?