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Keagan Ilvonen 05/26/10 12:47 AM

The Ra Ra Orchard
Ra Ra Riot will release The Orchard on August 24th via Barsuk Records.

Gumbyjag 05/26/10 01:03 AM

Excited to see where they go from The Rhumb Line. Fantastic album. Wonder how it will be without John too. r.i.p.

RushAndAPush 05/26/10 03:29 AM

Really excited.

TwelveTribes230 05/26/10 04:42 AM


Rich Duncan 05/26/10 04:51 AM

So excited for this, The Rhumb Line was a great album.

harley7733 05/26/10 05:39 AM

Exxxcited! The Rhumb Line was great, "Ghost Under Rocks" gave me chills.

h8bit 05/26/10 05:39 AM

Really excited :]

iAMhollyood315 05/26/10 05:54 AM

this band i think is from SU but they don't seem to play around town a lot. good nonetheless

robotscantlove 05/26/10 06:07 AM

They are from SU^^
They used to play around town a lot more but they haven't in a while.
They are incredible though.

COREhorizon 05/26/10 06:23 AM

Need to listen to these guys more, this sounds good.

drawndead 05/26/10 06:28 AM

excited for this

PaperRival-Jake 05/26/10 07:40 AM

The rhumb line was marvelous.

recall reality 05/26/10 08:06 AM

Will be checking this out.

bertbro 05/26/10 08:49 AM


StefanMaxxx 05/26/10 09:04 AM

Maybe this album will have more than 3 good songs on it.