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Rohan Kohli 05/26/10 12:45 PM

AP.net Contest: Win Limited Edition Tim Armstrong Print Of Gwen Stefani
Tim Armstrong (Operation Ivy, Rancid, The Transplants) will be releasing a series of prints through Poster Child Prints; his first release is a limited edition sketch of Gwen Stefani screened on newsprint. If you're interested in winning one of these prints, riddle me this: what was Tim Armstrong's nickname when he played in Operation Ivy? The first person to answer correctly in the replies wins.

moleinabowl 05/26/10 12:46 PM


squared82 05/26/10 12:48 PM


Nick Le 05/26/10 12:48 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 05/26/10 12:49 PM

These are cool. Awesome giveaway as well.

Alex_supertramp 05/26/10 12:49 PM

his name is Robert Paulson.

Rohan Kohli 05/26/10 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by moleinabowl (Post 68153382)

Winner. Check your private message inbox

squared82 05/26/10 12:50 PM

Dang. I thought I finally got to one of these fast enough. ha.

raptorz44 05/26/10 12:59 PM

Damn. I probably could have gotten this, but when it took me too long to process what exactly this was. Tim Armstrong doing a painting of Gwen Stefani? Kinda random if you ask me.

hiya 05/26/10 01:06 PM

oh man I'm always late to these things. I'm such a gwen fangirl, would have loved this, haha.

skaskecher 05/26/10 01:07 PM

Oh man, I am a huge ND fan and so this would have been awesome. Too bad I was too late:(

chelsealouanne 05/26/10 01:18 PM

Ooh too bad I didn't answer this sooner.
Congrats to the winner! Nice prize.

MathewHeroic 05/26/10 01:20 PM


MathewHeroic 05/26/10 01:21 PM

Damn I didn't even look because I didn't see the post with an edit. :(

aradiantsunrise 05/26/10 01:52 PM

Dammit. Lint.

Montauk123 05/26/10 02:17 PM

His nickname was Link

Poochemist 05/26/10 04:40 PM

Man too late on the draw for this one.

abusedcat 05/26/10 05:49 PM

that's not even a hard question.