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Rohan Kohli 06/07/10 03:43 PM

Sent By Ravens Music Video
Tooth & Nail Records artist Sent By Ravens' music video for "New Fire" is premiering on AOL Music.

Ryan Gardner 06/07/10 03:47 PM

Great song.

aealeman 06/07/10 03:52 PM

Love this band. Hate the video.

t00latef0rr0ses 06/07/10 04:21 PM

solid solid band.

JeremiahJDunlap 06/07/10 04:24 PM

This band is perfect.

inthemidst 06/07/10 04:41 PM

Solid track.

Jonathan Bautts 06/07/10 06:49 PM

Did anyone else find the way they kept changing out the walls awkward?

thesiz 06/07/10 07:49 PM

thats soo raven

geebee889 06/07/10 07:56 PM

This band is so good.

Penguin 06/07/10 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by thesiz (Post 68908172)
thats soo raven

I lol'd. And that Doggie Dentures commercial beforehand was creepy.
Also, I'd never listened to this band before, but this is good. Like really good.

AFlat 06/07/10 08:00 PM

All around amazing. Best dudes you'll ever meet.

Beings me back to the DP New Medicines era, so good.

Knatuhlee 06/07/10 08:32 PM

just saw these dudes in concert, and they were pretty awesome.

coveryoureyes 06/07/10 08:47 PM

hah. That's crazy, I know their bassist..