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Keagan Ilvonen 06/08/10 12:07 AM

K Sera Doing it Right
K Sera are in the studio with Grammy winning producer Warren Riker.

Alexx Miller 06/08/10 12:19 AM


gr33ndayfr3ak 06/08/10 12:28 AM

Wow congrats to them! Can't wait to hear with this band puts out.

imposs1ble 06/08/10 01:42 AM

i already am ready to declare this album of the year

sigpikul 06/08/10 03:05 AM

first off, this is pure unadulterated awesome. second off: i thought K sera had their own avatar by now? get on it abpunk!

if k sera were an easter-themed-candy, they would be the cadbury egg. nuff said.

tossit 06/08/10 07:53 AM

they are an awesome band! so good for them!

I am Mick 06/08/10 08:10 AM

Love their last EP, stoked for this

NateTheHate 06/08/10 09:30 AM

God damn it Mike! Must be nice!

summabee 06/08/10 10:30 AM

Sweet! Can't wait to hear some new jams!

konfusedsoul346 06/08/10 12:19 PM

Hot damn! Keep it up boys!