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Jeremy Aaron 06/15/10 10:46 AM

Here We Go Magic - Pigeons
Here We Go Magic - Pigeons
Record Label: Secretly Canadian
Release Date: June 8, 2010


Here We Go Magic is the brainchild of Brooklyn singer/songwriter Luke Temple. Pigeons is his second album and first for Secretly Canadian.

How Is It?

It's pretty ethereal stuff, and manages to be dreamy without getting overly drone-y (like the self-titled debut occasionally did). It also craftily avoids easy comparisons. Its bright arrangements and understated vocals are relatable to Of Montreal fronted by a sedated Kevin Barnes, a sprightlier American Analog Set, a less pop-friendly Say Hi, a lighter Flaming Lips, a more rhythmic Beach House. That's a lot of namedrops, but the point is that Pigeons sounds familiar without really sounding derivative of anything in particular.

The opening track "Hibernation" encapsulates the feel of most of the album, with its sleepy-eyed chant of "in the weary daylight" embodying the stupor of waking up after a long sleep. Once fully awakened, we're hit with the peppier "Collector," whose energy might be surprising to someone expecting a repeat of the debut. Still, when Temple sings, "I've got a mild fascination," that's exactly what it sounds like: excitement, but on a level that falls well short of full-on delirium. The buzzing third track puts it most succinctly of all: "It's casual."

Like its predecessor, Pigeons is also delicate, but it does much more than shimmer and sound pretty. The rhythm section takes a huge step forward (check out closer "Herbie I Love You, Now I Know"), the arrangements are more varied and robust ("Old World United" is a romp, comparatively speaking), and there are countless actual hooks (exemplified by the slow, but permeating "Bottom Feeder", which sounds like a nod to Neil Young). Yet, it's all very subtle, engaging the listener without thrusting itself forward. If I had a hammock, I'd call it a great summer record. I suppose with a good set of headphones, it'll make a wonderful escape any time of year.

RIYLCaribou's Andorra
The Sea and Cake's Car Alarm
Say Hi's The Wishes and the Glitch

Track Listing1. Hibernation (3:38)
2. Collector (5:07)
3. Casual (5:13)
4. Suprise (5:49)
5. Bottom Feeder (3:50)
6. Moon (4:20)
7. Old World United (3:54)
8. F.F.A.P. (4:20)
9. Land of Feelings (4:58)
10. Vegetable or Native (3:41)
11. Herbie I Love You, Now I Know (2:48)

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Gregory Robson 06/15/10 10:59 AM

I actually like a good chunk of the songs on here. But I don't know if I like it as one cohesive piece. In the end, I'm thrilled a band like this is on the site.

Broden Terry 06/16/10 03:15 AM

It was a nice review. I completely adore this record.

Moritz421 06/16/10 09:07 AM

I love 'Collector'.

coveryoureyes 06/16/10 11:30 AM

Fantastic album, fantastic review.

barkingincision 06/16/10 01:13 PM

gna check this out at some point, when im not too lazy

Sunken In 06/16/10 04:03 PM

I've wanted to have something by this guy for a while "Fangela" was a really cool song

Moostachemusic 01/27/12 06:35 PM

Saw these guys open for Animal Collective. Kind of a weird fit, but they were pretty good.