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IcedOpethBlind 10/03/06 07:45 AM

this cd is so experimental and epic...i love it..

i cant believe it beats out LoG's Sacrament for my metal recor dof the year.
Great job, Mastodon!

AshesAshes 11/21/06 01:29 PM

I love this album.The drumming is sweet so is the guitar work.The dvd is awesome as well. top 5 for me

joeag1985 06/07/07 07:18 AM


Tom Good 06/07/07 09:41 AM

After listening to this more and more, it just gets better and better.

Musibach 08/10/08 06:36 PM

makes me wanna check it...

do u mind if i ask for the link to download it free..?