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Blake Solomon 06/18/10 03:05 PM

Concert Sales Slump
Concert ticket sales hit their worst slump in over a decade.

Submitted by WhoSaidThat?

bowl of oranges 06/18/10 03:08 PM

weird haha i've bought more tickets for upcoming shows this summer than i ever have before

himynameiszack 06/18/10 03:09 PM

This just in: Ticketmaster has now bumped up service charges even more in order to make up for decreasing sales.

But in all seriousness though, maybe they'll figure out that their charges (and whole system) are complete bullshit and finally do something about it.

mrnegativezero 06/18/10 03:09 PM

Rolling Stone had an article on that as well. I would say this could finally be a sign of a recession, but it seems more of a snafu done by LiveNation.

flash111111111 06/18/10 03:11 PM

The article should say concert ticket sales are PROJECTED to hit their worst slump in over a decade

...according to anonymous experts cited by HipHopDX.com

Betrayal Five 06/18/10 03:13 PM

Honesty it's the cost of it all. There are are a lot of concerts I have missed, simply, because of the cost. The convenience fee actually is the biggest factor. Not to mention that a lot of bands really are not that great in concert.

edit: we have also been in a really bad recession. I have cut back costs to things that I don't depend on for me to actual sustain life.

Austin Davis 06/18/10 03:17 PM

Maybe Ticketmaster and Live Nation shouldn't have joined together and jacked up the prices. And maybe the service fees shouldn't be over five dollars.

Zev5102 06/18/10 03:26 PM

This can be fixed if I don't have to pay half of what the ticket is in convenience charges.

petethemeat 06/18/10 03:32 PM

stop charging me $20+ for "service fees" and maybe I'll go to more shows.

flash111111111 06/18/10 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by Zev5102 (Post 69589512)
This can be fixed if I don't have to pay half of what the ticket is in convenience charges.

buy at the venue box office and avoid paying bullshit TM fees

ffadam 06/18/10 03:36 PM

you guys get the best tours as well so what even if this is true. Service fees are always despicable though

truth or dare 06/18/10 03:43 PM

cuz 1 or 2 good bands tour together and bring shitty openers
or shitty bands headline over good/talented bands

NateFoundGlory 06/18/10 03:56 PM

I went to 6 concerts in the month of June, so I'm don't contribute to this downfall. I do agree, though, that those damn fees are outrageous.

Maiaophilia 06/18/10 03:59 PM

if ticketmaster's charges weren't so high I'd honestly go to more-
If anything I buy my tickets at the door-

but in June I've gone to 4 shows. Not bad.

Javs 06/18/10 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by flash111111111 (Post 69589812)
buy at the venue box office and avoid paying bullshit TM fees

But that doesn't apply when a.) they cost about the same price at the door that you would be paying for a ticket+service fees and b.) when you're worried they might be sold out.

I preordered my Manchester ticket when they came, it was 17$ for the show, I ended up paying something like 25. And thats the last time I went to a show since, which was in January.