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encmetalhead 06/27/10 12:20 PM

Gravemaker – Ghosts Among Men
GravemakerGhosts Among Men
Record Label: Victory Records
Release Date: June 22, 2010

Figure Four was one of the bigger names in the early to middle years of Facedown Records. As they dissolved, two members went on to create Comeback Kid. Jason Bailey, former Figure Four bassist, has now found his way back with Gravemaker. Gravemaker has recently been signed by Victory Records and is set to release Ghosts Among Men. Given the pedigree of one member of Gravemaker, one should expect some sort of hardcore sound, which is exactly what Gravemaker gives us with this album.

The title track starts the twenty eight minute rise through Ghosts Among Men. Half of the track is without vocals, but when they do start, you almost automatically get the gang chants. With ten of the twelve tracks being under three minutes, this album is quickly paced and allows for the listener to not get weary of the album. A downfall is the fact that the songs are not allowed to grow and have the album gain an identity. All you hear is straightforward hardcore, with nothing new incorporated into that sound to keep the listener coming back.

The album also suffers from monotone vocals, nondynamic guitars, and basic drumming. The vocalist’s screaming never seems to change in pitch or tone and while sometimes this is great, his voice is one in which this does not work well. It would not surprise me to see his vocals give out on him in a few years, as they give a sign of weakness throughout the album. The guitars add onto the monotone screaming by just chugging along and just being there. They add nothing and do not bring anything noteworthy into the sound presented here. This also is the problem with the drumming.

Ghosts Among Men is in-your-face hardcore that starts to get a bit diversified near the end where it is too little, too late. If you are a fan of this type of hardcore or Comeback Kid/Figure Four this is a release you may want to check out, otherwise you should stand clear of Comeback Kid Jr.’s average album. Their sophomore release will need to be diversified a bit for them to see some type of major success. Let us hope they get that far.

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alexcreate 07/04/10 11:02 AM

50%? lol, joke. band is awesome.

Alien 07/04/10 01:40 PM

This is their sophomore release you know. You should get your facts straight, they already released Bury me at Sea in 2008.

encmetalhead 07/04/10 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by alexcreate (Post 70487742)
50%? lol, joke. band is awesome.

You fo real? lol, joke. you kidding

Originally Posted by Alien (Post 70494342)
This is their sophomore release you know. You should get your facts straight, they already released Bury me at Sea in 2008.

Sophomore release on Victory bro

Alien 07/06/10 04:30 PM

Fair enough. I haven't listened to this, but Bury me at Sea was pretty good for a hardcore album. For a hardcore album.