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Gregory Robson 06/30/10 08:02 AM

Zack Borer - Dollars Spent on Nothing EP
Zack Borer - Dollars Spent on Nothing
Record Label: WN Records
Release Date: May 11, 2010

Zack Borer is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter currently residing in Manhattan. He plays a self-described mix of rock, pop, soul and funk, and is oft-compared to OAR, DMB and Red Hot Chili Peppers. This EP is his sophomore effort.

How is it?
Decent. For all the comparisons to OAR and DMB, truth be told, Borer sounds a lot like someone revisiting the halcyon days of John Mayer's Atlanta coffeehouse circuit. Dollars Spent on Nothing opens with the jangly "45 Days," and it's an amiable track but his vocals are barely felt and swallowed up by the aural landscape. There's nothing confident or full-voiced about any of it, and one wonders if the production is too bare-bones, or if Borer just didn't step to the plate. Either way, it's as underwhelming as any opening cut released this year.

Thankfully he finds his groove on the sexy blues number, "Bring Back the Days" and revisit it again on the playful "Here and There," in which he showcases both his vocal muscle and his melodic prowess. And therein lies the charm of Borer. Clearly, he's got the talent to take it up a notch and make a dent.

But this underwhelming effort, replete with mediocre production leaves a lot to be desired. It sure wouldn't be surprising, if two years from now Borer is out on the road opening for the likes of Jason Mraz and Justin Nozuka, but until he puts some more weight behind his talents, this remains just a passing glance.

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