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Alex DiVincenzo 07/03/10 06:06 PM

Veara's B-Side Life
Veara's music video for "My B-Side Life" can be seen here.

ctigers92 07/03/10 06:08 PM

Love the video. I'm in there several times in the back.

tyramail 07/03/10 06:10 PM

i laughed. good song too.

the seventeenth 07/03/10 06:12 PM

Haha, not bad. Not bad. Decent song.

Nick Le 07/03/10 06:19 PM

Fun video, I liked it. Song is sweet too as is the rest of the album.

Chiodosbros13 07/03/10 06:29 PM

sick band
definitely excited about seeing them with OLN

andthetruthwill 07/03/10 06:51 PM

Neat to have a face to the band with this. What We Left Behind is good stuff.

icynova 07/03/10 06:54 PM

I really like this song. Glad it was chosed for a video.

Wings That Work 07/03/10 07:09 PM

I haven't given this band a listen, but I see their name everywhere. Guess I should check it out.

more heart 07/03/10 07:32 PM

I really need to find this record. Sounds like it'd be a great pop punk record for this time of year.

Wisher 07/03/10 08:02 PM

BAhhh can't get the video to work, really wanted to see this! Is it up anywhere else?

mylastnerv 07/03/10 08:19 PM

Solid video. Solid band. Wish nothing but the best for these guys.

Big_Guy 07/03/10 09:00 PM

what is with this band? epitaph? really?

how long have they been together?

Arizen 07/03/10 09:01 PM

One of the best girl drummers hands down

joppyxtsl 07/03/10 09:07 PM

My computer does not like the video player on the alternative press website.