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ctigers92 07/04/10 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Big_Guy (Post 70481012)
they seem like a trend hopping band that deserves nothing. I could be wrong though

they have probably the best girl drummer i've seen though.

Nah man, I don't think they're like that at all. Real good guys (and girl) too. They've just naturally changed their sound over time. They used to be a lighter style of pop punk only when they had a different vocalist and synth player. I personally like their old stuff better, but that's just me.

johnnyferris 07/04/10 01:52 PM

love this band, this song, and this album

hello299 07/04/10 07:43 PM

Eh, band is ok. Their songs sound WAY too similar. Need some improvement on making their hooks stand out in the songs

Jasper112 07/05/10 07:22 AM

literally feels like im listening to a day to remember. I like ADTR so i dont mind, but still...wtf.

I love the video though.

frenchatticus 07/05/10 04:08 PM

From the looks of this video, this band is all about having fun.