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Pat Marquez 10/10/06 09:50 AM

Hope Conspiracy, The - Death Knows Your Name
In a society where it feels as if we are attached to our reality television shows, it seems more and more that people canít comprehend what is real and what isnít anymore. I feel to often that we look to these shows and become angry because these people are somehow living a glamorous, reckless, and/or more carefree life then we do. People have it in their heads that the life they lead is a piece of shit and it would be so much better if tomorrow they were given a million bucks and instant fame. I sense that we have become disenfranchised with what is genuine; we would rather enjoy our ignorant bliss and turn our backs on what is true. I don't consider myself a morbid person; I walk the fine line of realism. I am not pompous, and I don't consider myself better then anyone. I just don't see the happiness in ignoring what is happening around outside of my window. When I discovered hardcore, I found that they were saying something. They were speaking their minds at how pissed off they were with watching people buy into bullshit and continue to eat it all up. The Hope Conspiracy return with their motivational release, Death Knows Your Name. This is an album about making a difference, it is calling the people out who just sit on their ass and ignore what is happening outside of their own personal bubble. We all have a voice, and The Hope Conspiracy uses theirs quite well.

My reason for enjoying this album lies primarily in the lyrics. Like I stated previously, I take pleasure in reading something that has a meaning and that I can directly relate to. Death Knows Your Name explodes with "They Know Not" accusing us all of
indulging in much of the seven deadly sins. The reference is made clear when Baker opens with - "And so they feed, all the pigs in a row, row after row, they stick their noses deep." The lyrics continue in a similar approach with accusations of guilt, greed and indulgence. Do not write Baker off as someone that doesn't hold himself to his own standards, he closes the song with "Guilty, we are all guilty, guilty fucking pigs." Although it is hard to really understand where the lyricist is coming from, my interpretation of this track is he is making clear that we are all equal by certain qualities and in order to overcome the negative ones, it needs to be brought to light that not one single person is free of all evil. The hardcore anthem of this album is "Deadtown Nothing," which features back up vocals Nate Newton (Converge, Doom Riders). This is one of the most commanding tracks off the album with the tempo set at high speed, I can't even imagine how intense this song would be live. For "Deadtown Nothing" I find myself more attached with the strength of the music rather then the lyrics.

"Stolen Days" is one of the longer tracks off the album and by far the most emotional. The music has slowed down and the lyrics are speaking out towards someone Baker has lost in his life. Be it a girlfriend, a family member, and or a close friend. This is a hardcore song in the hardcore fashion that is about a very personal relationship, something you may not expect or always find in albums with a lot of other hardcore groups. Coincidentally this is also the last song off the album. I enjoy that they added this track, it seems like nowadays that hardcore tries to steer away from their own personal feelings and in a very selfless manner they would rather discuss the plight of others.

The theme of Death Knows Your Name is that you make yourself. You are born into this world and you have many paths. No one else is responsible for which one you decide to take. As a human being we have the ability to think things out clearly and we need learn how to exercise this gift more often. Over and over again as you read the lyrics of this well thought out and written album you see the reoccurrence of this theme. When it is screamed to the backbeat of hardcore music, the words just come so clear and dominant. You feel the passion, and you feel the anger. If you are looking for an album that actually says something rather then a band that strictly focuses on their girlfriend, then Death Knows Your Name comes highly recommended. In all honesty, I do not mind supporting a band that sternly writes about relationships. What bothers me is how people will not step outside of their own boundaries and listen to something that doesn't just focus on one subject. Relationships are very real, but there is a lot more to this world simply your boyfriend or your girlfriend. The Hope Conspiracy as crafted a hardcore album that demands your attention and is going to make you see that life is only as good as we make it.

Editor : Jaime Duarnte

love_american_style 10/10/06 10:08 AM

true. these guys write very thought provoking lyrics...it's about time these guys came out w/ a new album.....and now i feel like listening to End Note.

these guys were one of the first hardcore/metal/scream bands i started listening to. i cant wait to get this album

jaimej 10/10/06 10:08 AM

Love this review. Your best yet. Keep it up Pat! ;-)

Pat Marquez 10/10/06 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by gre-d'n (Post 4474423)
true. these guys write very thought provoking lyrics...it's about time these guys came out w/ a new album.....and now i feel like listening to End Note.

these guys were one of the first hardcore/metal/scream bands i started listening to. i cant wait to get this album

So good, get it for sure.

Pat Marquez 10/10/06 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by jaimej (Post 4474428)
Love this review. Your best yet. Keep it up Pat! ;-)


WakingTheMisery 10/10/06 10:46 AM

This album is sooooo much better than Endnote. I fucking love it.

InaGreendase 10/10/06 11:09 AM

This album rips.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/10/06 12:43 PM

Good review, awesome album.

onautolux 10/10/06 02:45 PM

hard to tell if you honestly listen to a lot of hardcore by reading this, but it is a good cd

youcomebeforeyo 10/10/06 03:29 PM

My friend gave me all four Hope Con albums just a few days ago, i've only listened to Endnote so far but I will check the others out. Good review.

saysmydoctor 10/10/06 03:41 PM

Another great review. I'll definitely check these guys out.

Pat Marquez 10/10/06 05:33 PM

Thanks for taking the time to read my review broz.

Kyle Thrash 10/10/06 05:41 PM

never checked this band out but maybe i will now if i get some extra money

PIG DESTROYER 10/10/06 08:28 PM

i and everyone i know who ever listened to hardcore used to LOVE the hope conspiracy. Their first ep and cold blue have some of the greatest, angriest hardcore songs I've ever heard. And I, along with all those people, HATED endnote. They lost all their anger, all their heaviness, everything. They became a "blah" hardcore band to us. To me, this new one is still nowhere near their early stuff, but it is a huge improvement and a huge return to the anger and brutality that seemed to kind of go away. I'm pretty psyched about it, and I still say they have the angriest sounding singer in all of hardcore. Great album, and I hope they stick around and keep making good stuff like this.

FASSWcore 10/11/06 06:28 PM

this album knocked me on my ass. i think that's all that needs to be said.