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Pat Marquez 10/12/06 12:13 PM

Modern Life Is War - My Love, My Way
Through out my career as a student I have taken a lot of classes ranging from Math, English, Journalism, etc. One class that I have always enjoyed was History. I loved learning about these larger then life characters - Henry Ford, Malcom X, Franklin Roosevelt, and we could almost certainly name a million more. You could always find a story of the underdog rising up and taking charge. It was always intriguing to read about how governments were formed and how they failed. History is more or less one big entertaining narrative. You see the ups and downs, the positives and the negatives. History is important because our past has a habit of repeating itself, when it really shouldn't. It is never a tired subject because history is created each second and on many different scales. We should use our precedents as a learning tool of what not to do in the future. However, over and over again you will find us all making the same mistakes. I sometimes feel, as I'm sure many others do as well that we are doomed to make the same gaffe's. Modern Life Is War is a band that is putting focus on the little guy. The Historical theme is not only found amongst the lyrics, but the artwork for the album as well. My Love, My Way is the stand up album of praise for the working man, the minorities, and for the people that came from behind and struggled to make a difference.

Modern Life Is War has literally burst their way onto this scene with more heart and passion then most run of the mill bands that these labels are trying to throw at us. This should not be a band noted just for their clever name, but for their outstanding lyric aptitudes. Through each song vocalist Jeff Eaton spirals through tails of triumph and disappointment. Jeff and the guys have literally seen the world, touring well over 15 nations. They don't make these lyrics up, these guys speak from experience. Having seen the world the band was opened up to the struggles we all face, no matter which side of the globe we live on. This album is the window into what they saw and what they have experienced as a band. This is a history lesson that cannot be overlooked. This is a band that has started from nothing and have made themselves a house hold hardcore band name, around the world. Modern Life Is War re-issued My Love, My Way because it is one hell of a passionate album that speaks directly from the heart. This release is gut wrenching hardcore. If you didn't check the band out the first time they released this album, this re-issue is a must this time around.

Editor : Jaime Durante

Pat Marquez 10/12/06 12:19 PM

Short but sweet and to the point, just like this album.

FASSWcore 10/12/06 12:22 PM

best re-issue of the year so far, at least for me.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/12/06 12:38 PM

Awesome CD. Good review, though a little short on actual stuff about the album. If anyone's interested, I reviewed it for PunkPressOnline.com

Heartcore 10/12/06 01:07 PM

very fitting review for a reissue, i recommend this album

irthetyler 10/12/06 01:10 PM

i prefer Witness to this, still a solid cd and good review.

Pat Marquez 10/12/06 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Heartcore (Post 4498708)
very fitting review for a reissue, i recommend this album

I do as well, very good.

yeknom 10/12/06 02:27 PM

haven't listened to this yet. i liked witness though.

a speedo model 10/12/06 02:41 PM

"Modern Life Is Wat"?

very good review. i'll check this out...

Pat Marquez 10/12/06 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by a speedo model (Post 4499717)
"Modern Life Is Wat"?

very good review. i'll check this out...

Sorry d00de. Fixed.

Pat Marquez 10/12/06 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by thecitylights (Post 4500309)
I find you talk about yourself a lot in your reviews Pat. Not a big deal, but personally, I find it a little annoying.

To each their own, with my reviews I try to make a relation. I find that it is easier to comprehend things when you do that. I try to level with the readers and share an experience. I explain why I feel connected with the album in hopes that you will understand why I enjoy or it do not enjoy it. You find it annoying, oh well!

abcdefghijennie 10/12/06 07:34 PM

Awesome record, awesome review.

And I think including personal experiences in reviews is a plus. Then it's more like the review is talking to you, not at you.

Drew Beringer 10/12/06 09:10 PM

I love Witness, this is good too.

WakingTheMisery 10/12/06 09:40 PM

I prefer Witness but love both albums.

G.rex 10/12/06 10:04 PM

I feel like I learned more about your opinions on the importance of taking history classes than I did about this album. In addition, I'd hope that the band did "make these lyrics up," as anything else would be plagiarism. Overall, this was an entertaining review, though far less informative or specific than I might have hoped.