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Brandon Allin 10/19/06 07:47 PM


Brandon Allin 10/19/06 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by Big_Guy (Post 4567403)
good to know he thinks WDTRSH is their best.....because it is.

and wasn't there some rumor of Tavis rejoining the band for a tour or something along those lines? after reading this, that sounds like complete bullshit

and why did he kick Justin out?

I believe I heard that rumour as well, but I never thought to ask Aaron about it. But, as you said, judging by his answer to the question I did ask regarding Tavis, I'm sure we can assume it was nothing more than a rumour.

Dan1234 10/19/06 10:20 PM

"There is nothing that pisses me off more then when a band says they don't want to be "limited" by being a ska band, or that they are "more mature" now that they have stopped playing ska music."

i liked that part, i agree

awesome interview! he seemed really laid back and honest

smoke4thecaper 10/20/06 01:00 AM

Brandon, dude - good interview! I was looking very forward to reading this, seeing that RBF was one of my first ska-punk loves. I have been getting back into them recently, after not listening to them for a long time.

Aaron seems like a very cool guy, and I thought his responses were all honest without sounding bitter or dickheadish. And I'm glad he thinks Why Do They Rock So Hard? is the best album they ever made, because I would have to agree. That album is so rad.

Brandon Allin 10/20/06 07:19 AM

Thanks, Chris!

Thanks, Dan!

Pat Marquez 10/20/06 08:34 PM

I respect RBF because he isn't a "typical" if you will... ska band that is just so positive they hate everyting that isn't ska.

ADDisfunforme 10/26/06 04:34 PM

excellent interveiw, aaron is an awesome man

Brandon Allin 10/27/06 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by ADDisfunforme (Post 4632179)
excellent interveiw, aaron is an awesome man

Thank you.

Kyle Thrash 11/01/06 05:40 PM

good guy

permanentdan 11/08/06 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by squared82 (Post 4562961)
I'll be skanking in PGH when they go there next month. hoo ha.

ill be there with ya, as well as a bunch of my friends. they are amazing live. one of the best live shows ive ever seen. i saw them in philly last and was blown away