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Drew Beringer 07/23/10 11:17 AM

AltPress Tour 2010 Revealed
The Fall 2010 AltPress Tour Lineup has been revealed.

wall e 07/23/10 11:19 AM

Well, PBC is good..

abusedcat 07/23/10 11:20 AM

what ever came of that video with hit the lights, fun, and emarosa?

Criesofthepast7 07/23/10 11:20 AM

woah good for this is hell landing this. Any idea when they'll release dates?

mrzippo3 07/23/10 11:21 AM

PBC = me going

kevinrocks409 07/23/10 11:22 AM

glad to see tih and pbc getting some exposure

the seventeenth 07/23/10 11:22 AM

What a line-up, I'll be going.

zachff 07/23/10 11:22 AM

I do not listen to any of these bands. Oh well

TerrancePryor 07/23/10 11:23 AM

BMTH/ABR are headlining this,right?

SteveLikesMusic 07/23/10 11:23 AM

Not too shabby! Minus BMTH.

DeviateRogue 07/23/10 11:23 AM

Definitely going out to this, love all the bands.

anthonydarko 07/23/10 11:23 AM

Will go to see PBC.

MSIndulgence 07/23/10 11:25 AM

what a shit lineup

ChickiManifesto 07/23/10 11:26 AM

this lineup is soooo random.

shannosaurus 07/23/10 11:26 AM

big change from last year's lineup.