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MPGirl 10/23/06 08:32 AM

One of the most honorable group of guys on the road. They deserve every bit of success in the world.

Julia Conny 10/23/06 08:41 AM

I was so blown away by this album. I thought the last one was lots of filler, but this one kept me interested all the way through.

Victory better push em or I going to be sad.

AEast317 10/23/06 09:17 AM

while i've never listened to their recordings, their live performance left much to be desired.

Roboman 10/23/06 09:24 AM

I missed these guys on the Nintendo Fusion Tour a couple weeks back because my friends were late, which kinda bummed me out...so I bought a t-shirt and this album to make up for it. To be honest, I've only listened to the first half or so, but that's because those songs are soo damn good...

xearlynovemberx 10/23/06 09:32 AM

Great reveiw, great band. Go Pat!

eversoinviting 10/23/06 09:48 AM

great review, i didn't know that heart beatz was about the tragedy with bayside

atticus1492 10/23/06 09:54 AM

i don't like this at all.

thexflamesxburn 10/23/06 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Steve Henderson (Post 4595527)
Awesome live band.

agreed. much better than live than on cd. personally im not the biggest fan of the album, but i still love going to their shows.

MPGirl 10/23/06 10:02 AM

Sal grew up with John Beatz Holohan, of Bayside.

Tom Good 10/23/06 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by tonton46 (Post 4595482)
If your heart was broken, you'd be dead.

haha, that line is hilarious. Good review though man. I didn't check these guys out til after I saw them open for the fall of troy in boston. Good show and I picked up their first album. I will definitely check this out now, thanks!

leary0315 10/23/06 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by Pat Marquez (Post 4595535)
I haven't seen them yet .. I hope to soon.

You sound like you love this band as much as i do. You really need to see them live. I was first introduced to this band at Bamboozle and i fell in love. I've seen them twice since then, and theyve been amazing every time. And they are one of the nicest bands, if not the nicest that ive ever met. They deserve all the success theyve gotten and they will only get bigger. NintendoFusion/Them beeing on Madden is huge for them. God i love this band. Great review by the way. I was hoping some mention of King of Hearts tho, but i figured when you were talking about the keys you were talking about that song. That song is my favorite ahah. Has anyone reviewed the first album?

tiff_taff 10/23/06 10:32 AM

Makes me want to listen to their album over and over again. Solid review.

bankrom 10/23/06 10:36 AM

i love this record.
it's particularly good when enjoyed in the car with the bass turned up.

tm decomposer 10/23/06 12:03 PM

awsome stage prestense

babyitsfact 10/23/06 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Pat Marquez (Post 4595535)
I haven't seen them yet .. I hope to soon.

It's so worth it. Amazing show and really awesome dudes to hang with. They aren't like alot of bands where they act totally nice all the time to where it's almost fake, they just kinda remind me of dudes I'd hang out with at home, totally chill and ready to just hang out.