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Pat Marquez 10/30/06 09:15 AM

My America Is Watching Tigers Die - Narratives
When you think of Delaware, not much comes to your mind. The only thing that has stuck with me for some time is that Wayne's World skit. Remember when they are walking through the green screen view of the states and when they come across the ever exciting… Delaware? However, the state has been churning out a good band here and there I have been told that they have even opened up a few music clubs. Okay, okay, before I go any further I would like to apologize to anyone from Delaware. Those taunts are meant to be taken in a joking matter. My Fathers side of the family resides in Delaware so I guess I have some right to poke a little fun at your lovely state. Anyways, when I first started working with AbsolutePunk.net I came across this little band known as My America Is Watching Tigers Die and had them featured as one of the first few bands on my addition to the page known as Absolutely Unsigned. The reaction to the band was very mixed, there were kids that were blown away by the music and found it very powerful, and then there were the typical and predictable that instantly attacked their name. Once again, we have to open our minds and actually listen to them before we jump to the conclusion. Emerald Moon Records makes no mistakes with signing bands, Mr. Boylan is amazing at finding the latest talent. My America Is Watching Tigers Die is one tightly arranged band that plays killer music.

My America's (we will shorten it to save my fingers from falling off) latest release Narratives has an interesting feel to it. At times the music can feel very thick but at other points through out the album in contrast, you find the music a tad bit loose. I am not sure if I have been listening to more "sludge" music then I should lately, but I am able to feel out My America's "free" sound quite easily. That is by no standard a dreadful fixation. This actually makes everything flow nicely and is a sound that maybe comes almost expected from a band that titles themselves as they have. The guitar work is technical at times, yet sometimes very straightforward. It falls into crunchy riffs, but primarily keeps the tone hasty in pace. The track "Boys Life" sounds like a Poison The Well (must be a Delaware thing) interlude, but the boys in My America have added some captivating programming which leads right into the next song. Narratives is a decent album, I enjoy the musicianship for the most part, but the vocals tend to irk me a little bit. I am unable to tell if this is because of the production aspect or something has drastically changed in his voice, but I remember the earlier demo's had sounded a fragment different when I had first checked out My America. However, when all is said and done, this is a release that may not come out and grab you right away; but I promise this will never be a record that is found on your back shelf. My America is able to keep your attention with solid tracks. The lyrics are on key and not over the top. My only humble opinion is that the vocals lack a little bit, but what you may find lost there is quickly made up with the superb musicianship.

CreditsEditor : Jaime Durante

Chemical Love 10/30/06 09:52 AM

I love this CD.

Pat Marquez 10/30/06 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by Chemical Love (Post 4661456)
I love this CD.

Awesome, good to hear. What did you think of the review?

Blake Solomon 10/30/06 10:08 AM

there are a lot of very long sentances in this, especially in the first paragraph. I usually really like your reviews but this one could have used a little more work on the descriptions and what not.

Web250 10/30/06 10:33 AM

Delaware is home to Joshua Fit For Battle, which was one of the premier screamo bands of their time. Members from JFFB are now in Hot Cross, and other bands

tidesdontexist 10/30/06 10:41 AM

Thanks for reviewing this Pat! I can defintely use some excerpts in their press kit I send out to venues and promoters since I book My America (and the rest of the EMR crew for that matter) now.

Tom Good 10/30/06 10:42 AM

I like the cd, great review though Pat, straight to the point, I like it. Keep em comin

.KillMoneen. 10/30/06 11:04 AM

i really enjoy this band...never heard of them until this reveiw. The vocals are a lil weird but interesting nonetheless. Good reveiw!

Romancebled 10/30/06 11:23 AM

awesome review. i'll have to give this cd another listen.

emiliodelgado 10/30/06 12:45 PM

good review. i dont agree though. i think it deserves a little more

eight 10/30/06 01:00 PM

i really do love this cd so far, i mean, i haven't had a lot of time to listen to it. i only just got it last week. but yeah, there are some points where i kinda cringe at the vocals. i think they get a little too high pitched, in a certain way that i can't quite put my finger on, it's kinda like he's squealing faintly in the background of his scream, if that makes sense. but musically, this album doesn't disappoint.

when eye awoke 10/30/06 01:34 PM

Delaware represent. Nice review Pat.

-- Jon

screamoutmyname 10/30/06 02:08 PM

hello... i'm in delaware.

tomsk815 10/30/06 02:39 PM

Yeahhhh tiger boys.

saysmydoctor 10/30/06 03:29 PM

Excellent band, Excellent release, but I agree with the rating. Good review.