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Keagan Ilvonen 08/04/10 10:29 AM

Wonderland From Front To Back
Forgive Durden are playing one final hometown show in which Wonderland will be performed from front to back in Seattle before Tom moves to New York.

Submitted by raptorz44

BornUnderPunches 08/04/10 10:29 AM


CPF--FBR 08/04/10 10:32 AM

i wish i lived in seattle. fucking love that album.

hip323480 08/04/10 10:34 AM

anyone want to fly out there to the show? I live in wisconsin :(

jtyexists9 08/04/10 10:35 AM

Wonderland from front to back sounds like a disgusting sexual innuendo.

Spenny 08/04/10 10:37 AM

I think I need to go to this.

BBTL123 08/04/10 10:39 AM

razia's shadow from front to back please?

mantipede 08/04/10 10:40 AM

I want to be a part of this :(

xHoodieWeather 08/04/10 10:41 AM

never cared much for the band, always loved the fight club reference in the name though.

US Camera 08/04/10 10:41 AM

Fuck Seattle. I want this.

ihaveblink 08/04/10 10:42 AM

Hopefully some new stuff is coming.

Illinoise 08/04/10 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by BBTL123 (Post 72523072)
razia's shadow from front to back please?

Should have gone to the Razia's Tour. That's exactly what they did. No Wonderland songs, though.

bandnamexmyname 08/04/10 10:46 AM

Sad to see him go. I've always held Seattle bands extremely close because there really aren't that many that have broken out into the proverbial scene.

Forgive Durden was always one of my favorites, really hope I can make it.

Illinoise 08/04/10 10:48 AM

I need to fucking go to this. With PRINCESS DINOSAUR!?

Yes. Need to go to this.

deconstructing 08/04/10 10:50 AM


Originally Posted by CPF--FBR (Post 72522552)
i wish i lived in seattle. fucking love that album.

me too goddamn