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stuckonsmile 08/04/10 11:29 PM

Woo! Good news about making Razia's Shadow on Broadway a reality!
Sooo hope he also comes out with some new music on top of the converting Razia's to a stage show. If not right away, I'm sure it will eventually inevitably happen.

daxjaks 08/05/10 05:07 AM

Ah the joys of living in London :(

mattyrocks 08/05/10 06:05 AM

damn i need to start listening to these guys again.

Angel Jin 08/05/10 09:02 PM

No joke, I'm buying my concert tickets this weekend, and saving up whatever money I get to fly out to this show. This record is one of my top ten of all time. Cannot afford to miss this show. Normally I'm all talk when it comes to matters like these, but I have to attend this show.

MichaelShore 08/06/10 09:52 PM

Really really wish I could see this.

DonnerParty666 08/07/10 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by Iwudstilldie4u (Post 72531232)
Holy shit I was there! At Queen Bees! What a rare event!

haha i saw it at epicentre, not queen bees. that's the worst fuckin venue in town, maybe america lol.