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Matthew Tsai 08/10/10 10:37 PM

Weekly Nostalgia: This Day and Age
If there was ever a band that understood the indie rock sound, it was This Day and Age. The Buffalo, New York quintet dropped three albums in its lifetime: Start Over On Monday, Always Leave the Ground and The Bell and Hammer, swooning more hearts with each release. Their music was stunningly beautiful and often boiled down to a few signature characteristics: atmosphere, intricacy and a decent dose of pulsing rock (for the perfect example, see “Always Straight Ahead”). They penned lyrics that were concerned with subjects beyond the trivialities of daily life, too, often tackling spiritual and philosophical matters. Unfortunately, they split in 2004 when Jeff Martin left the band. Since then, the remaining members have gone on to form jazz/alternative outfit The Reign of Kindo, and Martin and Kindo member Steve Padin have a project going of their own. While it’s of my personal opinion that the goods of the split ultimately outweigh the bad (mostly because it gave us The Reign of Kindo), that doesn’t mean that I don’t find myself wishing This Day and Age were still around much more often than just “every once in a while.”

honestykills 08/10/10 10:40 PM

The Reign of Kindo > This Day and Age

CstSnow 08/10/10 10:53 PM

Love, love, love this band. Second place victory was my wife and I's first dance song at our wedding.

the secret wars 08/10/10 11:14 PM

Ugh I love this band so much. Definitely one of my top faves of all time.

p93 08/10/10 11:36 PM

I have much love for this band. I jam the third album on the reg.

anamericangod 08/10/10 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by honestykills (Post 72976322)
The Reign of Kindo > This Day and Age


I miss this band so, so much.

smoke4thecaper 08/10/10 11:59 PM

Great work, Matthew - glad you chose to pick them for this feature. One of the sadder demonstrations of very talented bands not getting enough recognition when they were making records.

Takk...Ros 08/11/10 12:02 AM


Originally Posted by honestykills (Post 72976322)
The Reign of Kindo > This Day and Age

I agree with this. This Day and Age were, however, incredible. I still wish they hadn't split sometimes too.

NathanJohn85 08/11/10 12:48 AM

This Day and Age was so good. Every release was different and kept getting better. Sad to see them not all together in one band still.

InBetweenAisles 08/11/10 01:06 AM

Really like both bands.

mattplayscheap 08/11/10 01:41 AM

I played a show w/ these guys and Waking Ashland.. Magic

cereal4life 08/11/10 01:47 AM

Wow, I just started getting into This Day and Age as of last week. I bought The Bell and the Hammer and am thoroughly enjoying it. How conincidental to see a feature on AP!

introduction 08/11/10 01:53 AM

loveloveloveloveLOVE this band.

fragilevessel 08/11/10 02:31 AM

miss them.

piaffeprncess98 08/11/10 04:14 AM

Great band. Seeing them live was always a good time.