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Alex DiVincenzo 08/18/10 06:33 PM

New RJA Song for 21+
A new The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song entitled "21 and Up" can be heard here.

mike_aaron 08/18/10 06:35 PM

Better than the whole last cd.

BornUnderPunches 08/18/10 06:35 PM


Sfudgie1985 08/18/10 06:38 PM

Did they learn how to play live yet? if not I don't care.

ajayatepaint 08/18/10 06:39 PM

Let's just all pull out our Men In Black flashy memory things and erase that last album from our memories

WeWereGiants 08/18/10 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by mike_aaron (Post 73501402)
Better than the whole last cd.

Not much of an achievement though...

jess' man 08/18/10 06:42 PM

his vocals sound great. good song

SophomoricSlump 08/18/10 06:44 PM

Great song, can't wait for more music.

Yellowcard2006 08/18/10 06:45 PM

I don't like the lyrics. Very generic.

Mr.Piano93 08/18/10 06:47 PM

I like that guitar riff, pretty catchy. Besides that, the song isnt bad, but its definitely too generic for my tastes.

edit- that screaming part was really bad.. did not fit with the song at all.

thecrowing776 08/18/10 06:48 PM

Dissapointing. (again)

ZinisterZman 08/18/10 06:49 PM

Ehhhh.. at least it's listenable now. Definitley better than what they did last.

But still.. I can't quite say I care about them since Don't You Fake It. They put out a stellar record and never looked back. And by that I mean 'there was a time when we were relevant'. Sorry :yawn:

iarnoldsn 08/18/10 06:51 PM

Wow. Only 2 songs released, and this EP's already better than the last album!

UnderMyDreams 08/18/10 06:54 PM

I like it.

Mattylikesfilms 08/18/10 06:58 PM

My friend just shot a music video for these guys this past Sunday so I guess a new record is on the horizon?

Lonely road wasn't that bad. It had a solid 4 songs on there...