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ihaveblink 08/25/10 10:25 PM


Originally Posted by Fox83 (Post 73974762)
Lit just fits my taste in music. They'll always be one of my faves. I haven't seen many people make them out for more than they are - a bunch of nice guys putting out solid tunes and having a blast doing it. You gotta respect that and, clearly, many of us do.

Also, Nirvana and Radiohead get plenty of acknowledgment. Lit deserves more than they get. I don't care how you look at it - under appreciated is under appreciated - it's all relative in the end.

I agree 100%. Lit have always been a great little band, and never tried to be nothing more.

hello299 08/26/10 06:04 AM


Originally Posted by Echo Park (Post 73954112)
My 90s and early millennium consisted of singles from:
Vertical Horizon, Splender, 3EB, Wheatus, Marvelous 3, American Hi Fi, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, etc. Oh the memories when radio music was oh so legit.

My list would be quite similar except adding in Fastball and Eve 6.

rocktwin22 08/26/10 05:10 PM

Brings back so many memories of watching their videos on MTV!

Jaynicgurl 08/26/10 07:50 PM

Oh Man, Lit <3

Almost every time I go to the Slidebar (which is kind of rare nowadays because it's always packed and I only go there now if there is a show or when Starpool plays there...), I see Jeremy. He's a cool dude.

I also remember seeing them at the Save Eric benefit show back in 2004 in Hollywood and I bought a signed shirt from their merch girl. It was the same shirt that the bassist, Kevin, wore during their set. Hahaha. It was really cool.

Lots of memories. Thanks for posting this!

Formatfun 08/27/10 07:43 PM

I was like 7/8 when I was listening to these guys. I had A Place in the Sun, and I just recently found the old case for it in my closet from years ago.

Never really followed them afterward.

peristalsis 08/27/10 10:32 PM

It's nice to see these guys get some love here. A Place in the Sun is the first CD I ever bought and I own all their albums except the last one. Even if I don't listen to them as much as I did before they'll always be special to me. Their songs are so catchy. BTW, if you guys only know them from A place in the sun forward, go and listen to their first album. It's essentially the same band but they had a slightly heavier sound.


minitoast 09/14/10 10:51 AM

haha, the use to be my fave. use to...

Tracy1 01/11/11 01:05 PM

whenever "my own worst enemy" comes on i still crank it as loud as i can and sing it at the top of my lungs! loved this band <3

wecameaswaffles 10/09/11 01:07 PM

i remember hearing my own worst enemy when i was very very young, and flipping out when it was on rock band 2, hahaha