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Christian Wagner 08/27/10 09:41 PM

The Secret Handshake Free Download
The Secret Handshake has posted a free download of "Every Single Time" here.

Submitted by britnyee

Drew Beringer 08/27/10 09:50 PM

the new album is really good, review this week

signal to noise 08/27/10 10:16 PM

new cd is awesome. motown revival!

emo cobra 666 08/27/10 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by signal to noise (Post 74140572)
new cd is awesome. motown revival!

yes the cd rocks i got it at hot topic last saturday n i love it

BinacaFreak 08/27/10 10:45 PM

Do yourself a favor and just go buy the deluxe version now. I've been rockin it in my car everywhere I go!

irthesteve 08/27/10 11:27 PM

new album is surprisingly very good

snu 08/28/10 12:17 AM

I couldn't get into this album at all. I actually think I'm done trying to like The Secret Handshake. No matter how many listens I try to give this album or his previous one his voice always just sounds weak (IMO). The music on the album isn't that bad at all, but vocally his last couple of albums just haven't impressed me.

birtcho 08/28/10 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 74138822)
the new album is really good, review this week

Agreed. Very well structured songs

portishead3 08/28/10 12:59 AM

sweet! good stuff!

lakemichigan 08/28/10 01:39 AM

stocked for it

BozzBlonde 08/28/10 08:19 AM

Really? People thought it was good?


musicismahbf 08/28/10 10:11 AM

I love free stuff.

Colino 08/28/10 10:15 AM

I really enjoyed this album. I love motown music, so I dug it. Glad this guy tried something new, I've been growing out of the whole electro pop phase so it was a nice change of pace.

S7ranburgLar 08/28/10 11:18 AM

the vocalist isn't winning me over. kinda low-key, his voice should be soaring with this music.

rob_mylo 08/28/10 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by BozzBlonde (Post 74151522)
Really? People thought it was good?


cause it's good..
not the usual stuff the secret handshake has put out