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saysmydoctor 11/18/06 12:20 AM

I've never given this band a listen, but I will now. The person who is ranting on about the live show obviously is pro-shit live shows anti-goodlive shows because this band is amazing live.

Pat Marquez 11/18/06 06:17 PM

This band is just awesome period.

ModernMachine 11/19/06 10:54 AM

The Cancer Bats are one of the greatest Canadian bands touring right now. Our band has opened for them twice and they're brilliant. Their live show is amazing, so much energy, just perfect. They are also super cool dudes. Give them a listen, and if you don't like them, then don't post a reply, just keep silent. Peace.

HerCandane 11/21/06 05:11 AM

good shit!

Ravenna 01/03/07 06:58 PM

this album is horrible. so is their live show. shit sandwich

willhandicap 01/04/08 08:52 PM

I like this CD. It is alright. Nothing ground breaking. But good.