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sean_a26 09/02/10 07:30 AM

i love this band so much. I got into them with Quitters Never Win and it was one of the first albums I listened to front to back in a long time, over and over again. Their stuff will never get old. Gunner has a great voice and Franky has some of my favorite bass lines ever. Amazing band

SmallFrailBoy 09/02/10 07:30 AM

Much the Same kicked the fuck out of punk rock.

mrzippo3 09/02/10 08:12 AM

One of my favorite bands I still listen to all the time. I wore my "Quitters Never Win" shirt on Sunday actually. Wish I could have seen them live

246toothpicks 09/02/10 08:21 AM

Great band. Survive is such a good album. Honestly, one of the few great punk albums released in the past 5 years or so.

tigertiger 09/02/10 08:25 AM

Band ruled so much. Love 'em.

Greg.Kushlan 09/02/10 08:43 AM

I wouldn't say their albums are on par with most stuff from Rise Against. Rise Against haven't been good in almost 7 years while Much The Same put out consistent albums I still listen to today.

stereokiller 09/02/10 08:54 AM

I think I need to check this out. Haha, I dig Rise Against, but in some ways I think they are lacking. =|

This might fill the spot.

davosmavo 09/02/10 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by just-in. (Post 74463132)
Reminds me of the days when melodic punk ruled my life. Great band.

For real! My old band played a show with them when I was in middle school, talking to them that night made me decide I wanted to be a touring musician when I grew up.

Poochemist 09/02/10 09:51 AM

Last.fm keeps recommending that I check them out. Time to get on that!

mrzippo3 09/02/10 10:10 AM

If anyone out there has their EP, I'd love to buy it from you. Been on the hunt for it for years.

AP_Punk 09/02/10 10:32 AM

hell yes

oldwirehands 09/02/10 10:44 AM

Chicago represent. Loved these dudes in High School.

simplejack 09/02/10 11:03 AM

Survive is still one of the best albums I've ever heard. A great listen from start to finish

mybreakingpoint 09/02/10 11:44 AM

these guys have been on my "to download" list for years haha. finally downloading survive, i'm certain i'll love it.

SoCoSquid4 09/02/10 12:11 PM

saw these dudes in the basement of an old church in front of about 40 people in 2003. they were fantastic.