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xStaryu 06/02/11 01:47 PM

I had met this guy at one of my friends shows, I asked him how I could be a promoter/do what he does. He brought me under his wing for about a month. I heard these rumors, and blocked him/never going near this man again..

I always got a sketchy vibe from him, just not like this.. On all of his websites he has no information with his last name or anything so I honestly have no idea.

To be honest, I'm kinda scared. I'm really glad he does not know where I live, and need to try to clear up anything online that might possibly have my address on it.

Thanks for the heads up guys.

Ciattk 01/09/12 08:24 PM

When this guy tried to "promote" my band and when he got mad we weren't playing our last show at his venue, I knew he was a weirdo. I spray painted on the wall of his venue so I guess it works out too.

Ciattk 01/09/12 09:08 PM

Read the shit on our page, haha, dude is a man-child.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taken-...=wall&filter=1

DeMont2014 03/18/15 07:09 PM

This dude is nothing but a fucking douche bag. He's the worst type of scum. Not only has he scammed my, and other peoples band out of money, he's a pedophile. Tsk tsk. This doesn't surprise me.

DeMont2014 03/18/15 07:11 PM

This is why you should be around people your age. He's almost 60 years old and spends his time arguing with 16 year old teenagers. Mark Alan Pauga is a Fucking scum. He goes by RockChicago ( Rock Chicago )