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Jamie Pham 09/07/10 03:29 PM

Jeremy on Pawn Stars
Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember) was recently on an episode of Pawn Stars.

ablueskytragedy 09/07/10 03:32 PM

Not a fan of the band, but this show is awesome.

hcar 09/07/10 03:32 PM

I love that show, lol.

iseejosh 09/07/10 03:35 PM

did he pawn something of his?

frenchatticus 09/07/10 03:35 PM

Dude this show is awesome! Funny to see Jeremy on there without any mention of ADTR.

schmohawk 09/07/10 03:38 PM

all random. they should put his clip on the re-release of the new album they're writing

watm8dusoscared 09/07/10 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by iseejosh (Post 74768852)
did he pawn something of his?

Yeah an old martin 4 string acoustic. It was boss

ajayatepaint 09/07/10 03:45 PM

Only got 2500 for that guitar.


TheArrivalChris 09/07/10 03:46 PM

haha saw this last night! pawn stars is awesome

_all_star_me_ 09/07/10 03:48 PM

Man, Pawn stars is so addictive.

HeavenResign 09/07/10 03:53 PM

"Even in this rough condition, this will be an easy sell". Bingo. Can't help but think Jeremy might've been out of luck on this one. Pre WWII Martin's as they said are jackpot to collector's, even in that condition. I hope he was happy with what he got at least! Four strings may not be as collectable, who knows. No way Jeremy didn't look stuff up about this.

ChickiManifesto 09/07/10 03:54 PM

For those who care Jeremy's part starts at 5:53

Steiny29 09/07/10 03:59 PM

it was funny watching rick trying to teach him something about the guitar like he didnt know

rosielikesyou 09/07/10 04:05 PM

Hold on. Let me call in one of my few thousand buddies to get his opinion on this buy.

march-of-flames 09/07/10 04:05 PM

Love that show haha