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Melissa Johnson 11/22/06 08:09 PM

Small Band Round Up- Thanksgiving Edition
Since most of the staff will be too busy stuffing face tomorrow, expect it to be a bit slow. If you get bored with the relatives, check out a special helping of small band news.
Small Band Round UpScenic Attraction has posted a new song on their Myspace page. The song is featured on the Airport Tapes and Records sampler (Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin's label) being passed out at the Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour.

Last Year Portrait has posted up a brand new song called 'Celebrity Fanclub'. The song was produced by Jason Andrews (Holiday Parade) at Spotlight Sound Studio. Last Year Portrait is currently finishing the writing of a full length to be recorded in the spring.

Riverside Drive is looking for an actor and actress for their music video for "Lipstick Letters To Peekies," which can be found on their myspace page. They are looking for a guy and girl that lives in the San Fransisco area (or willing to travel there) and they ask to please message them through myspace with your name and a photo. Acting experience is a huge plus.

Hence Reverie have two new demos available for download on their myspace. The South Jersey band will be writing and recording their record into the summer with touring and support beginning in the fall.

Audiostrobelight has just posted three songs from their brand new EP and a new highlights video with shots from the past year including footage from their shows at The NorVA Theatre.

An Epic Convictionhas broken up for good, and three members of the band will start a new project with three other new members.

After over a year of recording and a year of sitting on the shelf, Audio Recording Club's full length album, "In The End, We Are All Light" is finally being released on January 16, 2007 through Hyla Park Records. The album is now up for preorder on their MySpace and the Hyla Park website. Everyone who preorders will receive a limited edition screen-printed poster promoting their CD Release in January.

Picture Atlantic welcomes Christopher Sturm on guitar.

Hero Club out of Arlington, Texas just finished working on the Staying Home EP and should be releasing it sometime in December.

To celebrate completion of their EP, Golden AX have added the songs "Hard to Get," "Attornys, Physicians and Starving Musicians," "Miss Suburban America," and "The Suits" to their myspace page.

Urgency's debut EP is now available on Smartpunk. The band also has upcoming shows with The Sleeping, Still Remains and Roses are Red, all dates can be found on the band's myspace page.

There is a new Keep in Touch myspace.

Down for the Count has posted up another song on their myspace. They will also be releasing their debut full length record, "Broken Record Tactics," in Japan via Kick Rock Music sometime in February.

The Fortunate have posted some new songs from their upcoming album on their myspace. They were mastered by Troy Glessner.

To submit news to the Small Band Round Up, please use this link right here to e-mail your news submissions to Melissa. Please note that this is the only way to get news featured in the SBRU. Submitting news any other way to the website will not be used/considered. Please make sure there is a relevant news posting and working band links included into your submission. Submissions that do not comply will not be used. Thank you.

Melissa Johnson 11/22/06 08:12 PM

/Sidenote: Please do not Private Message/e-mail/AIM me and ask why the news you submitted this week isn't in this news post. I took the first chunk of news that was e-mailed to me and used it due to the numerous submissions I've been recieving as of late. All of the other submissions will be used in Sunday's SBRU.

Rohan Kohli 11/22/06 08:26 PM

the last year portrait song is sweet

HazeLitRise 11/22/06 08:27 PM

keep in touch rules
tommy is the shiznit

high_output 11/22/06 08:37 PM

hey im in there. go picture atlantic.

Romancebled 11/22/06 09:02 PM

wow, Picture Atlantic is on here. one of the best local bands in this area. i'm surprised they aren't signed.

derricklc22 11/22/06 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Romancebled (Post 4899062)
wow, Picture Atlantic is on here. one of the best local bands in this area. i'm surprised they aren't signed.

Scenic attraction is pretty nice. I'm really enjoying the guy's voice.

high_output 11/22/06 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by Romancebled (Post 4899062)
wow, Picture Atlantic is on here. one of the best local bands in this area. i'm surprised they aren't signed.

hey thank you. we need to go on tour before we get singed.

how can we find out who submitted what news?


raycer 11/22/06 09:37 PM

what do you know, we got up there. thanks for posting us up, we've been looking for people for a while and this will definitely help <3

updownleftright 11/22/06 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Rohan Kohli (Post 4898758)
the last year portrait song is sweet

yeahyeah! great music. they played our cd release with us.

MrMet 11/22/06 10:50 PM

nothing like small bands telling us how great they are.

rikfrommf 11/22/06 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by MrMet (Post 4900138)
nothing like small bands telling us how great they are.

how great is your band? I like Scenic Attraction now. SBRU is amazing. Im thankful for that too.

afmdrums 11/22/06 11:55 PM

scenic attraction is toooo good

fuzzypenguin 11/23/06 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by HazeLitRise (Post 4898764)
keep in touch rules
tommy is the shiznit

surrriously, somebody sign this kid please

overitsi22 11/23/06 08:15 AM

scenic attractions ep is catchy as hell, and really good.....