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Blake Solomon 09/13/10 09:43 AM

New Travie Vid
A new Travie McCoy music video for "We'll Be Alright" can be seen here.

Submitted by emo cobra 666

say ocean 09/13/10 10:26 AM

A fun song, not a masterpiece in anyway since Supergrass did it first, but still a fun, modern twist, on a classic song.

justatadmatt 09/13/10 10:46 AM


thatwasamoment 09/13/10 11:04 AM

he bought a brand new voice

amymarissa 09/13/10 11:58 AM

The video isn't anything special, but I love the song. It was amazingly fun to experience live. The entire crowd went bonkers.

brandon_260 09/13/10 12:06 PM

I really liked his solo album

emo cobra 666 09/13/10 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by brandon_260 (Post 75158642)
I really liked his solo album

same here it was the last cd i bought

Luke_McCain 09/13/10 12:29 PM

i think this song should be really big. as soon as i heard it months ago when i got the album i thought it stood out as a huge single. I'm surprised it wasnt released closer to "billionaire".

abusedcat 09/13/10 12:39 PM

Such a fun summer album.
"Need You" should be a single.

faithinfastcars 09/13/10 01:09 PM

"need you" is the new single

irthesteve 09/13/10 01:32 PM

solo album sucks, oh well

emo cobra 666 09/13/10 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by irthesteve (Post 75163972)
solo album sucks, oh well

i guess u must me tripping cuz it so does not so i think u need to go back n give it another listen

get up kidd 09/13/10 05:00 PM


I feel like he got all caught up in the fame bullshit. "The Papercut Chronicles" and "As Rude as School Children" were such great albums. It seams as soon as he got a taste of fame he kind of went down hill with "The Quilt" And this solo garbage.

Just me though. Loss a ton of respect for him in a way.

tyramail 09/13/10 05:52 PM

fun song. man, is he good looking.

nickymetal 09/13/10 07:55 PM

This song doesn't have a single verse on it. It's all hook. Auto-tuned hook at that.