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Gregory Robson 09/14/10 05:19 AM

Zoo Seven - Lifesaver
Zoo Seven - Lifesaver
Record Label: Self-released
Release Date: July 12, 2010

Zoo Seven are a San Diego rock band fronted by Del Currie. Prior to forming Zoo Seven, the Irish-born Currie fronted the band Fono, who opened for the likes of Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic and Third Eye Blind. He also won Best Rock Song in the 2005 International Songwriting Contest. LIfesaver is Zoo Seven's debut album.

How is it?
Terrific. Each song on Lifesaver pulses, throbs and roars from start to finish. Full-scale production teams up with arena-ready guitars and radio-ready choruses to make for one of the year's most unexpected surprises. Though there's not a lot of new ground paved, there's definitely a horde of should-be singles and a polish and maturity not too often found in unsigned bands.

The rousing "Empty Space," the soaring "Love Like Aerosol," and the bursting "Holes in Me," are rewarding, hook-laden monsters just waiting to be devoured by the masses. If the disc has one flaw, it's the glaring omission of a ballad earlier in the track listing. Concluding song "Say Goodbye," is an airy Brian Eno-esque ballad, but that it appears at the end is a bit troubling.

Discs worth remembering are the ones that introduce diversity and variety in the very first minutes. Instead, Currie packs the first nine songs with urgent, rock anthems and glides right past the potential to write a ballad. Lifesaver's best attribute may be Currie himself, who has the lungs, swagger and presence to make this disc a household name. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Track Listing 1. Blink Once
2. Empty Space
3. Fade In Fade Out
4. Holes in Me
5.Hundred Ways
6. Lifesaver
7. Love Like Aerosol
8. Make Something Beautiful
9. Painted
10. Say Goodbye

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S9Dallasoz 09/14/10 08:14 PM

Fono's 2004 EP "It's The Way That You Use It" is probably my favorite EP ever.
Was pleasantly surprised that Del Currie was still making music after the last Fono record & this is solid.

Kiguel182 09/16/10 10:55 AM

Didn't like this record. Sounds too much like U2, it's almost a rip-off