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Ismael182 09/15/10 11:38 AM

Great band. First heard of them about 5 years ago, Tonight & Forever is such a solid album. Fun Never Ends is a great song. You Own Me is a fantastic song. And Love Song is just awesome, I'd just relate and vibe to it so well, such a good band that I'm glad is getting some attention on here at least for a bit.

Out2Sea 09/15/10 12:01 PM

Building was one of the best albums to come out on Rev in the 90's... and that's saying something!!!

raptorz44 09/15/10 12:17 PM

Never really listened to these guys, I've always wanted to. Will probably start getting into them now.;

Carmognole 09/15/10 02:12 PM

This was one of the first bands of this genre that opened my eyes to a lot of other bands. Tonight & Forever was the only album I owned by them, but it was amazing. "Save Yourself" and "Weight of the World" are beautifully written songs, among there other hits.

LifexLovexRegre 09/15/10 02:57 PM

Building was the first CD that I ever purchased at roughly 12 years old. I guess I have my older brother to thank for introducing me to them. Jon Bunch is the man and brought the sound of Sense Field to Further Seems Forever as well.

BornUnderPunches 09/15/10 03:12 PM

Mis-read band name as Senses Fail

ohitsmark 09/15/10 03:23 PM

Sense Field is pretty awesome. A reunion would be nice. I enjoyed the split they did with onelinedrawing.

cmccloskey 09/15/10 04:23 PM

The three releases on Revelation are awesome.
I'm glad I saw them a lot when they were around.

Echo Park 09/15/10 04:42 PM

Save Yourself is a great song, but Tonight and Forever was a horrible album. If you liked that song didn't mean you'll like the album

Clark 09/15/10 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by k-eyes28 (Post 75304922)
Mis-read band name as Senses Fail

Until this thread, I only knew of the band as the one that always comes up when I search for Senses Fail.

UnderclasHero 09/15/10 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by xent (Post 75275342)
i thought before senses fail sing save yourself :)

I thought this whole article was about them, until I read Sense field. haha

KingsCrossing 09/15/10 05:53 PM

Yeah this band is great.

drudo182 09/15/10 06:27 PM

Love Jon Bunch.

Bolddog7 09/16/10 12:31 PM

tonight and forever is dear to my heart. if i could pick one band to reform it would be sense field

nice post, what a nostalgic trip