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Kyle Huntington 09/25/10 05:15 AM

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 10th Birthday
Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a small gig in Brooklyn where only 150 tickets were sold, playing mainly early material. Head to the replies to see the setlist and fan footage of songs such as "Rich", "Maps" and "Modern Romance".

Kyle Huntington 09/25/10 05:18 AM

Rockers to Swallow
Black Tongue
Miles Away
No No No
Art Star
Y Control

Modern Romance
Heads Will Roll

vinnie_9 09/25/10 05:42 AM

maps is such a good song!!!

pinkert0n 09/25/10 06:29 AM

Whoa, I really, really, really wish I went to this.
Holy crap, they played No No No and Graveyard...

deezee 09/25/10 06:55 AM

Random Fact: Maps is one of my favorite songs of all time! :-)

xRadioJoyx 09/25/10 06:56 AM

Maps! ♥

PaperRival-Jake 09/25/10 07:23 AM

They're an incredible band but Maps and Y Control transcend genre. Such fantastic songs. I could listen to either of them at any time.

meroki22 09/25/10 08:07 AM

No No No? Get the fuck outta here. Best YYY's song no question.

natalieruthless 09/25/10 09:25 AM

MyAngusPleaseStay. :)
its is such a fantastic song. all their stuff is so good. :)

tyramail 09/25/10 10:15 AM

Oh man, that would have been incredible

FUCKDIRTYWIPES 09/25/10 11:22 AM

Modern Romance. my god.

Kid Amnesiac 09/25/10 11:43 AM

Been one of my favorite bands since their inception. LOVE Karen. She is one of those ladies that takes your breath away.

TheClockSounds 09/25/10 01:11 PM

I wish I was there, yyy's are so great

CutTheStrings 09/25/10 03:35 PM

I would love to see this band live; Karen O completely fascinates me. Y Control and Pins must be so good live.

Kyle Huntington 09/25/10 03:38 PM

I wish I could have been at this. I saw them last year in support of It's Blitz! and they were incredible, but would have loved a lot more older songs to be played.