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Jake Denning 09/26/10 01:19 AM

Handguns - Anywhere But Home
Handguns - Anywhere But Home
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: May 8th, 2010

Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it. ~Author Unknown

Handguns, a pop-punk band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, knows the meaning of hard work; as an unsigned band, they tour nine to ten months out of the year, which is no easy feat. But as discouraging alot of things can be on the road, they love every second of it and wouldn’t trade their time as a band for anything. They just recently released their brand new EP, titled “Anywhere But Home” earlier this summer and have been working hard to make sure as many people get to hear it as possible; during the summer, they hit some mid-west Warped Tour dates to sell CD’s in line and have a good time.

Musically, the band draws influence from those already successful in the pop-punk scene, most notably The Movielife, New Found Glory, Lifetime. Songs are filled with guitarist Jacob’s amp feedback and catchy rhythm parts, Marco’s ‘in your face’ and exciting fast, tactful drumming, and Nathan shows listeners where the beef is with hearty basslines. Lead vocalist Taylor drives Handgun’s sound further with convincing and easy to grasp vocal delivery. Listeners will have a difficult time staying still while taking in this rowdy package.

The lyrics are all about the touring lifestyle and stuff most people go through while on the road, particularly while being unsigned. Opener “My Own Captain” is about embracing life on the road, expressing how empty their town is and how it can’t provide anything for them anymore and ignoring those who doubt them. “Pave The Way” laughs right back at those same doubters, and how they vainly crave possessions, while the band goes on the road pursuing a dream with practically nothing. “Harbor Water” and “Fingers” talk about how dating relationships are often times strained on the road. Below is the chorus to title-track and closer “Anywhere But Home”, the most notable bit of the entirety of the EP.

“I’d rather play three chords to three kids then spend one more day there, complaining about my dead-end job not getting me anywhere. And it’s more than just a tour, more than just these songs, it’s a feeling that knowing that this is, this is everything we’ve got”

Overall, Handguns aren’t going to blow your mind with originality, but they don’t seem to be too concerned with that. And with that, “Anywhere But Home” is a fun, catchy pop-punk EP that will inevitably be played over and over again throughout the rest of the year.

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Jaimehere 09/27/10 01:27 AM

love this ep so much, hoping for a release in the future

Cøltøn 09/27/10 03:22 AM

I dig this. Excited to hear more from these guys.

fly_guy 09/27/10 02:18 PM

Finally someone catches onto this band. EP rules

hiya 09/27/10 03:50 PM

nice review, EP is great.

ARadioWithGuts 10/01/10 01:10 AM

Good review, I love this EP. I hope to hear more from them soon.

calwal22 10/05/10 03:15 AM

love this band

mrnubnub 03/04/11 12:42 AM

These guys really are good, I honestly think these guys are gonna make waves on the pop punk scene in the future. It's not particularly new or original but it's got enough energy and it's unique enough to appeal to fans of all the other big bands on the scene. Not to mention they're being plugged by both TWY and Man Overboard