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Kyle Huntington 10/03/10 06:01 AM

Sigur Ros Article
Read an interesting article on Sigur Rós and the plagiarism of their songs in TV adverts here.

Submitted by youngmountain

porttheman 10/03/10 06:11 AM

I saw this on that site a couple days ago. Pretty interesting stuff.

djemilah 10/03/10 06:14 AM

Same here, it seems a bit ridiculous that these companies are doing it for one song

troubledbyinsects 10/03/10 07:08 AM


boscorelli 10/03/10 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by djemilah (Post 76412142)
Same here, it seems a bit ridiculous that these companies are doing it for one song

except that its like 4?

JosephMarro 10/03/10 07:39 AM

"Sound-alikes" is a horrid practice in the world of publishing. There needs to be law (at least in the US) against it. Jens Lekman had a similar issue with the company Maytag. I think he even went as far as filing a claim and may have won.

raptorz44 10/03/10 07:40 AM

Wow love this band...some of these are kinda ridiculous.

youngmountain 10/03/10 07:49 AM

The olson olson one is ridiculous, I can barely believe how blatant they are.

laxcrs 10/03/10 07:55 AM

didnt prince of persia use saeglopur?

Tinnerz 10/03/10 07:59 AM

I adore Sigur Ros so this sort of pisses me off. It's pretty stupid that companies can get away with this. If they tried to sue some of these companies they could probably win most or all of them.

A Wild Pikachu! 10/03/10 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by laxcrs (Post 76414252)
didnt prince of persia use saeglopur?

Yes. And to be fair, it did make for one awesome commercial.

Regardless, some of these are definitely blatant. I mean, listening to that first Svefn-G-Englar, the Hoppipolla with the Asian family on the beach, and the Fljotavik...they're pretty damn close.

Spartan789013 10/03/10 08:43 AM

Central Parcs Ad was rediculous.

Sloth7 10/03/10 08:47 AM

It's almost comical how close some of these are. Seems like everyone wants to make a Hoppipolla ripoff. That one with the animals is not only ripping off Hoppipolla, it's also ripping off the Planet Earth trailer. The Olsen Olsen one is pretty ridiculous too.

yrbroom 10/03/10 08:51 AM

some of those are pretty ridiculous.. like, exact

Zeran 10/03/10 09:36 AM

whoa, had no idea about this.