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chiggles 10/23/10 10:54 AM

As much as I used to hate MCR, they really grew on me with this album. I have no idea why, they just did.

teh.screamies 11/17/10 08:05 PM

they've apparently discarded any influence they ever drew from anything edgy or gritty. this album was really weak and effeminate... and not in the good way, either...

em.e 11/17/10 09:04 PM

haha thanks for reading guys, yeah i think 96 is a tad high haha. Awesome album though. First review so think i got a bit excited! Wasn't sure what musicianship meant hence the no score! Pity because mcr's way of putting songs together is amazing. eagerly awaiting danger days!!

UnderclasHero 11/25/10 12:48 PM

Noo, way. 96% is perfectly fine of a score. This album is great

xidon 03/23/11 11:23 AM

Liked the album when it came out, but it didn't last many listen throughs.

mica182 05/30/12 08:13 PM

amazing album! i wish mcr would go back to the way they were then..danger days wasn't my favorite. the black parade was awesome for a lot of reasons. good review