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foryoublue 10/21/10 05:03 PM

I live reading the kind words people have to say about Elliott. It's almost like we all feel the same and it's amazing how many thing we've all gotten through because of this beautiful little man. I hope that, wherever his energy is now, he finally found the comfort and peace that was missing during his time here.

I haven't been able to get over how awesome and delicate this version is.

letdownagain 10/21/10 05:10 PM

I'm trying to think of things I could share. Anyone interested should check out the live archive here. There's quite a few soundboard recodings and some solid audience recordings. The first link is his first live solo show. It's all legal and supported by the Smith family, but I don't know how well known it is, but it's an excellent resource.

Aside from that, here's a personal favorite of mine:

"...becuase we love you."

Hagysaurus Rex 10/21/10 05:16 PM

This guy said it best:

Hagysaurus Rex 10/21/10 05:18 PM

also this is crucial ES in my opinion:

antonioror20 10/21/10 05:19 PM

i bought figure 8 on a whim back in 2008.
until then i'd only heard the name Elliott Smith, and hadn't listened to any of his music.
that album is now one of my top five, it's such a beautiful album.
i recommend listening to Junk Bond Trader. that's probably my favorite song of mr. Smiths.

great review!

letdownagain 10/21/10 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by Hagysaurus Rex (Post 77744382)
also this is crucial ES in my opinion:

This version cropped up recently - it's the director's cut with no movie scenes

HometownHero 10/21/10 05:29 PM

Love this man. Glad I broke down and started listening to him a few years back. Feeling melancholy right now so this is perfect to spin.

thesollopsist 10/21/10 05:33 PM

I need to get into his music.

tonighttonight0 10/21/10 05:37 PM

It's a shame that he passed away. He made amazing music.

letdownagain 10/21/10 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by thesollopsist (Post 77745652)
I need to get into his music.


MADSTA 10/21/10 05:39 PM

Can't even describe how much his music means to me.

ThePurpleHearts 10/21/10 05:39 PM


I wish, I wish, I wish so much, but the bottom line is that even though Iíll never get to know him now, Iím still gonna love him anyhow. And this is just a fond farewell to a friend who helped me get things right.

This made me smile.

Rest in peace, Steven Paul Smith.

blink_again 10/21/10 05:40 PM

has anyone here been to the elliott smith mural in california??...is it still there??...thats something i really want to see in my lifetime

mickmadethelist 10/21/10 05:42 PM

Fond Farewell to a friend-Still gives me chills.

Holly HoX! 10/21/10 05:43 PM

Needle in the Hay