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Ryan Gardner 10/23/10 07:28 AM

Your Demise - The Kids We Used To Be
Your DemiseThe Kids We Used To Be
Record Label: Visible Noise (UK/Europe) / Rise (US)
Release Date: September 10, 2010 (UK) / October 25, 2010 (US)

Seven years in and there’s no stopping UK’s Your Demise. Sure, the loss of lead singer George Noble in 2009 may have been an impediment for the guys, but replacement vocalist Ed McCrae makes sure that’s not the case with his first appearance on The Kids We Used To Be. As their first record distributed through both UK’s Visible Noise and the US’ Rise Records, TKWUTB is inevitably the best heavy release on Rise this year.

This record is a scorcher from start to finish. Guitarists Stuart Paice and Daniel Osborne set the tone wonderfully (the opening “MMX” and powerhouse “Teenager Lust”). While these guys bring the fire, drummer James Tailby is thunder on the kit, prevalent throughout the double-bass beat down “Like A Broken Record.” Oh, and the highlight of Your Demise: McCrae’s guttural vocals, as he screams his lungs out throughout the ferocious “Miles Away” and the dominating “Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out.”

While it may seem that Your Demise aren’t about to let off the gas for a second, “Life Of Luxury” is the perfect blend of screams and clean vocals, and title track “The Kids We Used To Be…” features the catchiest chorus on the record amid brutal screams. Conversely, “Get The Fuck Out Of Little Rock” is straight forward punk rock, while later The Devil Wears Prada’s Mike Hranica appearance on “Shine On” makes this seminar of breakdowns the heaviest number on this destructive record.

Closer “XO” begins with crushing guitars, proving the superb musicianship of Your Demise. As McCrae’s guttural roar comes in, he takes control of the ride, ending The Kids We Used To Be expertly; clearly, this punishing closer proves YD saved the best for last. This far into the hardcore scene, Your Demise are in no position to stop any time soon; all of their aspects have tuned up with their third record – the screams are ferocious, the musicianship is concise, and the songs hit hard – making The Kids without a doubt Your Demise’s strongest record to date.

Recommended If You LikeComeback Kid; Stick To Your Guns; MsWhite; Your Demise’s previous records

Listen ToScared Of The Light; Shine On; Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. MMX
2. Miles Away
3. Scared Of The Light
4. Life Of Luxury (ft. Mike Duce of Lower Than Atlantis)
5. Teenage Lust
6. The Kids We Used To Be...
7. Get The Fuck Out Of Little Rock
8. Like A Broken Record
9. Shine On (ft. Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada)
10. Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out
11. XO

Your Demise are:
Ed McRae – Vocals
Stuart Paice – Guitar
Daniel Osborne – Guitar
James Sampson – Bass
James Tailby – Drums


shawnPLAGUES 10/26/10 01:37 AM

This album is definitely up there in my albums of 2010. MMX, Miles Away, Scared, GTFOOLR, Shine On, and Give Up are my favorite tracks.

Akissforher 10/26/10 02:17 AM

Never really heard of these guys, this review has definately raised my interest

johnnyferris 10/26/10 08:11 AM

Hardcore release of the year. Miles Away, Like A Broken Record, The Kids We Used To Be..., and XO are the best songs here

Jake Waltham 10/26/10 01:21 PM

I love this album, one of my favourites of the year.

Nick Le 10/26/10 01:58 PM

I didn't know about them until I saw them open for Prada and like I've said in other threads, they stole the show for me. Still need to check this out, but I'm really looking forward to hearing this. Lets see if this beats out This Is Hell for my favorite heavy Rise release this year.

kevinAIWW 10/27/10 07:03 AM

They were so generic live when I saw them open for Veil Of Maya/ The Ghost Inside.

Chrisj182 10/31/10 01:01 PM

I miss the old vocalist, but this isn't a bad album.

deanster321 12/01/10 04:36 AM

I only got around to listening to this relatively recently, but I really like it.

brandon_260 03/01/11 02:30 PM

This album is awesome, the title track is one of my favorite songs of last year