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untitled94 11/06/10 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by joeylifetime (Post 78653842)
band tried to jacked fys equipment, douchebags


kyku 11/06/10 05:10 AM

'Elevator Music' is so GOOD.

lostfear 11/06/10 02:07 PM

love this band.

WeWereGiants 11/07/10 02:33 AM

Take The Fall is the best song on the EP. Aside from you saying it wasn't well executed and that it was predictable, this is a good review.

fueledbyblink 11/07/10 11:43 AM

Awesome band, awesome EP... and they're from Washington Township :)

super_meat_boy 11/08/10 02:59 PM

Piece of shit http://bit.ly/8ZyA8T

richardliesse 11/16/10 12:33 PM

Good EP, and I'm glad it was.
Not saying a full length from these guys would be BAD, but this is so solid.

BrandonDrake24 11/19/10 05:15 PM

Cool album.

rmalabed 02/03/11 11:26 PM

Band kicks ass. First album deserves review.

JR-Day 08/11/11 10:24 AM

Great Review - agreed with this word for word.