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Thomas Nassiff 11/04/10 11:30 AM

I Call Fives - Bad Advice EP
I Call Fives - Bad Advice EP
Release Date: May 25, 2010
Record Label: No Sleep Records

It’s a downright crime how some music doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Even on this website, where we strive to cover the best and biggest of new releases, there is occasionally a worthwhile one that falls through the cracks. While it’s bound to happen and is darn near unavoidable, that doesn’t make it any less of a complete bummer that the release in question didn’t get the review it deserved.

At this particular juncture, the release in question is I Call Fives’ Bad Advice EP. This six song effort is not only one of the better EPs put out in 2010, but it has cemented I Call Fives as one of a growing group of current pop punk acts that are making moves in the new decade. I Call Fives are doing it themselves, constantly touring and consistently forwarding their name and making themselves a bigger part of this scene that we’re all in together.

What makes the EP so worthy of note? Well the easiest answer is the purely explosive and upbeat nature of I Call Fives’ sound. Jeff Todd’s vocals are some of the most enjoyable you’ll hear from this genre in 2010, right up there with Matty Arsenault’s work with A Loss for Words. The guitar work offered up by Mike Gavarone and Ant Plata, while not breaking any boundaries, is hook-laden and all that a listener should desire in a release like this.

Bad Advice begins with its best two songs, “Hand Me Down Luck” and “Elevator Music”. The former serves as a swell opener while the latter is dangerously infectious and ranks among the better sing-alongs this year. It has climbed to the northern regions of my iTunes play count as a song that people will return to even after years have passed.

“Try Hard to Remember” is highlighted by Todd’s work in the chorus, where he belts out “So try hard to remember / All the people you once called friends / And you'll find me waiting with a smile once a part of me / Will you miss me when I swear that I'm gone?” Meanwhile, “Easy to Say States Away” and “Two Days or A Lifetime of Failure” shine with glistening guitar hooks and solid rhythm provided by Steve Cohen behind the kit and Drew Conte on bass.

“Take the Fall” proves to be the album’s low point as it is all too predictable of a closer. Starting acoustic and ending in a built-up crescendo, it’s a song that has been done again and again but in this case isn’t executed well enough to stand out. This is an outlier on the album, though, as the preceding five songs are chock full of pop punk goodness.

You can add I Call Fives to whatever running list you’re keeping of bands to watch out for in the next year. After relentless touring across America, the band is heading out to the UK soon and presumably will have another release out in 2011. They are also another notable notch on the ever-impressive roster that Chris Hanson has built at No Sleep Records. If you haven’t heard this release yet, don’t miss out on it like we almost did; it is one that begs your attention.

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Bare Essentials1. Hand Me Down Luck
2. Elevator Music
3. Try Hard to Remember
4. Easy to Say States Away
5. Two Days or A Lifetime of Failure
6. Take the Fall
Produced By: Kory Gable, Run Time: 18 minutes or so
Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Rysker6 11/04/10 11:34 AM

Just found these guys awhile ago, not bad.

route36west1 11/04/10 11:48 AM

Love this band. They are so hardworking.

atrio 11/04/10 12:00 PM

Another good band from NJ! "Try Hard to Remember" is my favorite, due to AJ from TDS's small (but great) part in it. Really awesome ep.

bobsheiskawy 11/04/10 12:03 PM

"take the fall" is my favorite of the ep.

luvsickcatalyst 11/04/10 12:27 PM

They remind me of early-All Time Low...except I really like it. Great EP.

brandon_260 11/04/10 12:34 PM

Love this EP so much

sxetravisx 11/04/10 12:34 PM

love this band

ACA 11/04/10 12:51 PM

Good band.

They'll be in Brooklyn tonight.. $10. Go see them.

Nick Le 11/04/10 12:54 PM

I like this band and this EP.

Thomas Nassiff 11/04/10 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by atrio (Post 78630422)
Another good band from NJ! "Try Hard to Remember" is my favorite, due to AJ from TDS's small (but great) part in it. Really awesome ep.

Forgot to mention, will edit later.

Avalanche1 11/04/10 01:05 PM

Great band, great EP. I really need to see them live soon.

So-Crates 11/04/10 01:09 PM

love this band, cant wait to see them in a couple of weeks

brainstew123 11/04/10 01:10 PM

um... i dont remember... i guess ill listen to it again but i do remember the "i hope this song is the elevator music on your way to hell" or something

MJSchmidt 11/04/10 01:16 PM

Awesome EP from a hard working band. I also like the fact at least one of the members posts on this site quite frequently. I don't know I like to see that kind of effort.

gjpinizz 11/04/10 01:39 PM

one of my favorite pop punk bands out there

Thomas Nassiff 11/04/10 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by ACA (Post 78634662)
Good band.

They'll be in Brooklyn tonight.. $10. Go see them.


stabler823 11/04/10 02:32 PM

these dudes deserve so much more recognition. awesome people awesome music. bottom line. if u havent checked them out then now is the time.

CP_Ree 11/04/10 03:10 PM

Solid ass EP. Great dudes. =)

TSLataris 11/04/10 03:18 PM

I'm surprised this was only reviewed now - good review nonetheless!

Love this EP. Reminds me of a mix between Rufio and The Wonder Years.

fly_guy 11/04/10 03:45 PM

Released quite awhile ago, but good nonetheless

MALKiiN 11/04/10 04:43 PM

when i checked this ep out i thought it was average. their first ep/singer was better

InaGreendase 11/04/10 04:57 PM

This EP is OK.

joeylifetime 11/04/10 05:20 PM

band tried to jacked fys equipment, douchebags

HeadsGone182 11/04/10 05:22 PM

They are coming to Dublin, Ireland this month! Bands like this dont usually do that so its really cool! Cant wait!

f00te 11/04/10 07:39 PM

good stuff

Avalanche1 11/04/10 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by joeylifetime (Post 78653842)
band tried to jacked fys equipment, douchebags


sxetravisx 11/04/10 07:56 PM

their acoustic ep is incredible

nakulisbrown 11/04/10 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by joeylifetime (Post 78653842)
band tried to jacked fys equipment, douchebags


birtcho 11/04/10 10:49 PM

One of my favourite EP's of the year

untitled94 11/06/10 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by joeylifetime (Post 78653842)
band tried to jacked fys equipment, douchebags


kyku 11/06/10 05:10 AM

'Elevator Music' is so GOOD.

lostfear 11/06/10 02:07 PM

love this band.

WeWereGiants 11/07/10 02:33 AM

Take The Fall is the best song on the EP. Aside from you saying it wasn't well executed and that it was predictable, this is a good review.

fueledbyblink 11/07/10 11:43 AM

Awesome band, awesome EP... and they're from Washington Township :)

super_meat_boy 11/08/10 02:59 PM

Piece of shit http://bit.ly/8ZyA8T

richardliesse 11/16/10 12:33 PM

Good EP, and I'm glad it was.
Not saying a full length from these guys would be BAD, but this is so solid.

BrandonDrake24 11/19/10 05:15 PM

Cool album.

rmalabed 02/03/11 11:26 PM

Band kicks ass. First album deserves review.

JR-Day 08/11/11 10:24 AM

Great Review - agreed with this word for word.