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boldt_action 12/29/06 03:17 PM

This makes me excited.

tommyhaych 12/29/06 06:02 PM

fuck me, the keyboardist has hair! My god.

irishpunk14 12/29/06 07:29 PM

Definitely looking forward to the new cd.

thebestkylever 12/29/06 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by jeremyfromva (Post 5244643)
That was a pretty good interview...I think they are gonna give people ridiculous expectations though with this album....

They keep saying that they are trying to bring a great album to the table and that a great album hasn't be done since the 90s

they didn't say that. stop trying to start shit.

jeremyfromva 12/30/06 04:33 AM


Originally Posted by thebestkylever (Post 5252786)
they didn't say that. stop trying to start shit.

Yes, they implied that. They said that music has been lacking and they are trying their very best to make a record that is worth making.

shaki324 12/31/06 12:17 AM

it sounds so cliche and overstated but i really am excited for the new record and the tour. mae is one of the best bands i've ever seen live and i cannot count how many times i've listened to either of their cds. good interview. i can't wait.

fivergirl 01/06/07 04:35 PM

thanks for posting this. :)

AdamTheGreat 01/09/07 06:55 AM

Nice review. I enjoyed everything from mae, even bsides.

kimmy_tsoaf 01/10/07 05:56 PM

[: I'm sure whenever the new album comes out, it'll be great and a huge success.

<3 I love Mae.

Waitingtofall4 01/12/07 05:48 PM

Jacob...slightly resembles Jesus.

leftstranded 01/19/07 01:35 PM

i envy paul

Kingwood 01/28/07 06:33 PM

I just hope being on a major label doesn't ruin their sound. Capitol does have a tendency take bands hold their hopes high then drop them. Remember what happened to Jimmy Eat World?

alteridem1 02/09/07 10:39 AM

Destination Beautiful reminds of good times in summer

pineapplesause 02/09/07 02:27 PM

love it
I like pillow fights too :)