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BennyBagelz 11/12/10 05:14 PM

crazy! i saw them a long time ago and they were really good. this album has been in the making forever i hope its good!

Trashcore 11/12/10 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by ThisIsNotDan (Post 79227392)
two dudes on the left HAVE to be twins. also all their bears look exactly the same.

that being said I was expecting neon poop but this isn't that bad, definitely a Keane vibe.

You realize that's photoshop...right?

GODMACHINE 11/12/10 06:06 PM

So fucking happy right now.

smorgy 11/12/10 08:26 PM

they announced this a bit ago. but it doesnt matter because im stoked. these dudes are so good, and have so much potential. hopefully epic will be able to get them off their feet since theyve been in the dark for so long

AlkalineAvA 11/12/10 10:57 PM

i want it NAOOO!

tyramail 11/13/10 07:14 PM

i could get interested

Nate Bennett 11/20/10 04:58 PM

Old news.
Not impressed with the way the way they totally stopped keeping it touch with their fans. And the newest couple songs haven't been too amazing...

HoldThatSound 12/10/10 02:10 PM

Haven't heard from them in so long