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Kyle Huntington 11/18/10 01:44 AM

Cage The Elephant New Song
Head to the replies to hear the new single from Cage The Elephant, "Shake Me Down". The track is taken from their forthcoming album, Thank You, Happy Birthday, which is released on 1/1/11.

Submitted by ITS A TRAP!

Kyle Huntington 11/18/10 01:45 AM

Fun Ghoul 11/18/10 02:01 AM

I have faith that the rest of the record's gonna be great.

BobDylanismyman 11/18/10 02:59 AM

fucking amazing. underated band.

Tommy Gun 11/18/10 03:12 AM


Originally Posted by BobDylanismyman (Post 79694992)
fucking amazing. underated band.


skyphoenix 11/18/10 03:58 AM

Love this band. Great song.

calystarose 11/18/10 04:03 AM

Got to see their set last year at the Next Big Thing down in Florida. They're fun.

Mikeallover 11/18/10 05:50 AM

I like it. I'll def check out their new album.

Manufactured Dreams 11/18/10 06:16 AM

Really good! Looking forward to the new album.

Maxwell 11/18/10 06:55 AM

love this band.

Jason_Merch 11/18/10 07:14 AM

The guitar part in the beginning reminds me of the string part in You Don't Know Me by Ben Folds...

Byrnside 11/18/10 07:30 AM

song is great. expected nothing less.

irthesteve 11/18/10 09:29 AM

their debut was pretty awesome, excited for this

Korben Dallas 11/18/10 09:29 AM

i played a lot of borderlands

schmohawk 11/18/10 10:34 AM

really good song