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Deborah Remus 11/24/10 02:14 PM

Cancer Bats Canadian Tour
Cancer Bats will tour Canada this January and February with DevilDriver. Dates are in the replies.

Deborah Remus 11/24/10 02:14 PM

Tour DatesTuesday January 25
Vancouver, BC
The Venue
Wednesday January 26
Prince George, BC
The Generator
Thursday January 27
Calgary, AB
Friday January 28
Edmonton, AB
Saturday January 29
Saskatoon, SK
Louis’ Pub
Sunday January 30
Winnipeg, MB
The Garrick
Monday January 31
Thunder Bay, ON
Wednesday February 2
Toronto, ON
The Opera House

brandon_260 11/24/10 02:31 PM

I would maybe go to this if it wasn't for DevilDriver and their fans

gregplaysdrums 11/24/10 02:35 PM

They really need to come to California with good bands. Definitely not with DevilDriver

Deborah Remus 11/24/10 02:38 PM

I'm glad they're finally playing the Garrick! But this is the fourth time they've played Winnipeg within the last year so hopefully the turnout is still good.

WeltallAY 11/24/10 03:09 PM

Pas de Québec ?

Squanus 11/25/10 10:01 AM

I'm a Toronto boy myself. My brother is a close friend of Devildrivers. He introduced the Cancer Bats to Dez (DD's singer) and he fell in love with the band. My brother's been bugging Dez to take Cancer Bat's out on tour with them for over a year, and they finally made it happen. To the idiots shitting on Devildriver, understand that taking out the Cancer Bats is the best thing for their career. The Cancer Bat's were doomed to be lumped into tours they didn't belong in, playing in front of kids who didn't give a shit about them. Hopefully this opens them up to a different audience then the "scene-kids" they're used to playing for.

ImInTheCrapper 11/25/10 01:47 PM

Devildriver are pretty good...pussies

alexchechs 02/02/11 10:07 AM

Check out this killer short interview they did on Burning Angel

Seven Minutes in Heaven with... Cancer Bats