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OhSnapItsSummer 11/26/10 02:49 AM

Rate The Song Above
Mostly everyone here is basically just looking for new music. So Lets make it easier.
Put a youtube link and the person below will just rate it and so on. Scale from 1-10. Lets see how this turns out.

An All Time Favorite.

DJWildefire 11/26/10 03:39 AM

4/10 Not a Goo Goo Dolls fan.
One of my favorite songs.

ohitsmark 11/26/10 04:05 AM

Meh, was ok.


DJWildefire 11/26/10 04:22 AM

Brokencyde jokes are so funny.

Cøltøn 11/26/10 04:34 AM

No one is going to rate a Brokencyde song. So...

German Mike 11/26/10 05:30 AM


One of my favorite poprock songs:
A shame it's a b-side

E=MCHAMMER 11/26/10 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by German Mike (Post 80212162)

One of my favorite poprock songs:
A shame it's a b-side

Love Biffy's B-sides but not that one particularly 6/10

German Mike 11/26/10 06:04 AM

Not on youtube, direkt link not working, so

the seventeenth 11/26/10 07:48 AM


GetUpAndrew 11/26/10 08:17 AM

7.5/10 Probably my favorite Billy Talent's song.

(It's Man Overboard - Fantasy girl. Sorry but my pc doesn't work well at the moment.)

thesollopsist 11/26/10 08:30 AM


EchoPark 11/26/10 08:35 AM

7/10. Very interesting material..

Thesleepingwell 11/26/10 08:36 AM

Not bad, I'll give in a 7.

One of my favourite performances by Type O Negative.
Perhaps of one of the late Peter Steele's greatest vocal efforts.
This man was talented and it's a shame he's no longer with us.

From Munich, Germany in '99.

CoopDawg 11/26/10 09:25 AM


Ari Christos 11/26/10 09:38 AM

Got through about 30 seconds of that before I turned it off. 1/10.