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Kyle Huntington 11/29/10 06:08 AM

Primal Screamadelica
Primal Scream recently played two London dates where they played a greatest hits set followed by the band playing their 1991 album, Screamadelica, in full, you can see the setlist in the replies. The album is being reissued in March 2011 and has been remastered by Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine).

Kyle Huntington 11/29/10 06:08 AM

'Country Girl'
'Burning Wheel'
'Suicide Bomb'
'Shoot Speed/Kill Light'
'Swastika Eyes'
'Movin' On Up'
'Slip Inside This House'
'Don't Fight It, Feel It'
'I'm Comin' Down'
'Shine Like Stars'
'Inner Flight'
'Higher Than The Sun (Pts 1+2)'
'Come Together'

boomerangslang 11/29/10 11:47 AM

I would do some awful shit to see XTRMNTR front to back. Screamadelica would be cool too.