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Ryan Gardner 11/30/10 09:37 PM

Circa Survive - Appendage EP
Circa SurviveAppendage EP
Record Label: Atlantic
Release Date: November 30, 2010

Back in April, Circa Survive released their highly anticipated follow-up to On Letting Go, Blue Sky Noise. Being their most accessible, radio friendly record, BSN was either loved or hated. As a result, fans of this previous output will be more than satisfied with an unexpected EP from the group – Appendage. Consisting mainly of BSN b-sides and one unreleased demo (“Sleep Underground”), these tracks are the last pieces of the Blue Sky.

The aforementioned demo begins with an eerie organ before Anthony Green’s haunting vocals emerge as he sings highly “listen to yourself / don’t talk back / keep your lips closed / sleep underground tonight”. Channeling the wintry Juturna, “Sleep Underground” is simply chilling. Conversely, the next cut “Stare Like You’ll Stay” is the antithesis of the opener, as it is undoubtedly the most optimistic and genuinely hopeful track Green has ever penned. Guitarists Colin Frangicetto and Brendon Ekstrom capture the buoyant mood expertly, as again their guitar work proves a highlight of Circa.

Following suit, “Everyway” is a vocal highlight, as is usual with Green; the soft drum taps of Steve Clifford are most prevalent here until the upbeat chorus builds up. “Backmask” is a loud number, structurally similar to “Fever Dreams.” The final morbid “Lazarus” is the darkest point on Appendage as Green proclaims swiftly “anything that I did way back when / it seems so long ago / might as well have all been by accident.” Hauntingly complete with pulchritude, “Lazarus” proves to be the perfect track to end this forgotten EP. A true ode to Blue Sky Noise, the b-sides of Appendage will surely not disappoint, as the entirety of the EP is commendable – even album worthy – nonetheless.

Recommended If You LikeCirca Survive’s Blue Sky Noise

Additional Information
Track Listing:
1. Sleep Underground (Demo)
2. Stare Like You’ll Stay
3. Everyway
4. Backmask
5. Lazarus

Circa Survive are:
Anthony Green – Vocals
Colin Frangicetto – Guitar
Brendon Ekstrom – Guitar
Nick Beard – Bass
Steve Clifford – Drums


TomWhaley 11/30/10 09:52 PM

Good review. This EP was great. Kind of makes me wish they saved songs like Everyway and Stare for their next album, instead of releasing them like this, but I'm not complaining! Really enjoyed this

Ryan Rumsey 11/30/10 09:53 PM


Spartan789013 11/30/10 09:57 PM

This EP is awesome. Stare Like You'll Stay, full-band Everyway and Sleep Underground are just awesome.

aoftbsten 11/30/10 09:57 PM

Really digging this EP, good review.

bifforama1 11/30/10 09:58 PM

Haven't listened yet, but I'm sure I'll love it. Circa are gods in my book and can do no wrong.

ASOGenius 11/30/10 10:03 PM

Very good EP

barkingincision 11/30/10 10:03 PM

diggin appendage after repeated listens, they implement some slightly proggy parts in places i didn't expect, in regards to chord progression and sound and tone, despite that this is easily their most 'pop' or upbeat / hook oriented material since parts of OLG. overall good stuff, definitely a mature EP, though i greatly prefer their more experimental darker work. the end of lazarus slays though.

MBIIdollaBill 11/30/10 10:09 PM

now that i have an external hard drive, i need to download to get this band's discography ASAP. i want to pay for it though so I have to wait till I get some money coming in too

Jamos4184 11/30/10 10:17 PM

Used my $3 Amazon credit for this. Definitely need to spend some more time with it, as the initial listen didn't really grab me right away.

TheJacobEra 11/30/10 10:17 PM

Haven't heard yet. Excited!

lightning13 11/30/10 10:23 PM

Good review, thank you. I bought it off Amazon MP3 last night :) I really love Backmask.

sweepthenation 11/30/10 10:27 PM

I love this EP, so awesome that we didn't have to wait for long to hear new stuff from them

InBetweenAisles 11/30/10 10:28 PM

Good review. Loved this EP.

Juan Jose 11/30/10 10:31 PM

need to get this when i get paid

POOPBALLZ 11/30/10 10:35 PM

Loooooovvvvvvveeeeeee this ep. It's like a small bowl of Blue Sky Noise stew with a sprinkle of Juturna and a dash of On Letting Go. Most delicious

Romancebled 11/30/10 10:44 PM

Some of their best work is present on this EP. This band continues to amaze me every time.

Kid Amnesiac 11/30/10 10:51 PM

Gotta check this out.

thedullard 11/30/10 10:59 PM

if this is the last of the blue sky songs, what the fuck happened to the one song i heard in the studio updates with all the pinch harmonics?

dash64 11/30/10 11:08 PM

Great EP, all of it flows perfectly

summabee 11/30/10 11:15 PM

I want this sooooooooooo bad. good review!

silent_platypus 11/30/10 11:35 PM

Deserves higher than 85 IMO, but whatevs. Listening to it feels like a daydream. And some parts of it vaguely remind me of Coldplay... no idea whether that's good or bad.

seanburnsred 11/30/10 11:43 PM

Great EP. BSN is top 3 of the year for me, yet I still can't wait for another full length from these guys.

rushour144 11/30/10 11:49 PM

This EP reminds me more of On Letting Go. Absolutely love it!

cabezadewebo 11/30/10 11:55 PM

You described Juturna perfectly.

_><_ 12/01/10 02:26 AM

The last minute of Lazarus is amazing.

PetitnaindesÎles 12/01/10 02:47 AM


Originally Posted by thedullard (Post 80539192)
if this is the last of the blue sky songs, what the fuck happened to the one song i heard in the studio updates with all the pinch harmonics?

I loved this EP but really i wish they released Cowboy Jam and these 2 unreleased songs we can hear on a studio update especially this one...

thesollopsist 12/01/10 02:57 AM

LOVE this ep apart from Stare Like You'll Stay and Everyway

deanster321 12/01/10 04:34 AM

Really good stuff.

NateGolubiewski 12/01/10 04:45 AM

Great review, can't wait to buy this when I get payed again. For now, I'm broke from seeing Circa in NYC this weekend.

Portugal4142 12/01/10 06:02 AM

Not overly impressed with this. Sounds like b-sides

CLARIFY THIS 12/01/10 06:18 AM

The electric version of Everyway is one of my favourite things the band has ever done.

AaRoNpUnK 12/01/10 07:12 AM

dude reading this review? i just got INSTANTLY excited

VanTree 12/01/10 07:32 AM

not digging that album art at all..

alexincogneato 12/01/10 07:43 AM

For those interested and unaware, the tone throughout "Sleep Underground" is actually an octave-generator effect (EHX'S POG, most likely) on guitar chords that gives it the organ sound. I particularly liked it because Circa has consistently been pushing the synthesis of their instruments and effects pedals in new, interesting ways, and I thought they pulled off the organ tone really well here.

ryanwilcox 12/01/10 08:10 AM

love this ep

kevinAIWW 12/01/10 08:53 AM

Gets me really pumped about what they have in store for us in the future. They just keep progressing, and getting better.

Sic Transit Zeb 12/01/10 09:21 AM

i just love this

honestykills 12/01/10 10:15 AM

Can't stop listening to "Stare." Such a solid EP.

XenoAbe 12/01/10 10:46 AM

Must get.

demondays524 12/01/10 11:18 AM

Love this EP.

CarouselBoy 12/01/10 11:56 AM

Its really a beautiful EP. Wasn't expecting a review of this.

Couple things in the review...you wrote again twice in the last sentence of the first paragraph. also, what makes it a "forgotten EP"?

Ryan Gardner 12/01/10 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by CarouselBoy (Post 80568682)
Its really a beautiful EP. Wasn't expecting a review of this.

Couple things in the review...you wrote again twice in the last sentence of the first paragraph. also, what makes it a "forgotten EP"?

Thanks, I'll change that. just said that cause it's b-sides and ideally wouldn't have been released.

the seventeenth 12/01/10 03:55 PM

EP is fantastic, I love Lazarus and Everyway.

Anyway, bros, this album art gave me a broner.

NateGolubiewski 12/01/10 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by Portugal4142 (Post 80553052)
Not overly impressed with this. Sounds like b-sides

That's because it is b-sides.

Portugal4142 12/01/10 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by NateGolubiewski (Post 80594342)
That's because it is b-sides.

Yeah I know. Still not a compliment.

nowFace 12/01/10 04:57 PM

Is it only online?

oh_hello 12/01/10 05:40 PM

How on earth could this have a 7.5 average? Are there that many Green haters on APnet?

CarouselBoy 12/01/10 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by Ryan Gardner (Post 80572232)
Thanks, I'll change that. just said that cause it's b-sides and ideally wouldn't have been released.


twokidtech 12/01/10 06:50 PM

This is such a great EP