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deadelement 12/07/10 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by hahasnorlax (Post 80880222)
Yeah dude so they should just stay in the UK with all those bands that aren't making a name for themselves. They knew they'd have a better chance of getting bigger in the US so they came here. Does that mean they're not allowed to still be proud of where they came from?

You're fucking stupid.

Learn to read what I said first before you attack me you moron, I didn't say they weren't allowed to do anything. I'm making a statement about their work ethics and how they've taken a get-famous-quick route which has paid off hugely, which is fair play to them. Friend of mine does say though that he knows people who went to school with them, and there isn't a lot of nice things to say about them apparently.

Incidentally I'd also say a lot of these small bands in the UK have more actual talent and creativity than so many of these crabcore-autotuned-breakdown bands that just need some haircuts to get noticed and signed without even barely a show played these days over in the US.