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Short-Lived 01/23/07 07:03 PM

Great review. I can't stop listening to this record.

drudo182 01/24/07 02:24 PM

Just picked it up. I love it.

Great review. Great album.

smoke4thecaper 01/25/07 02:05 AM

This album has definitely been one I have likened to a lot since first hearing it. I love his lyrics. Great review, Tony. I agree with you on everything.

lushintransit 01/26/07 07:35 PM

Length is my only problem with this CD. Otherwise, it's stunning.

focustempochamp 01/29/07 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by JohnDorian (Post 5456291)
'Blanket Of Ghosts' is possibly the best song on the album, how could anyone skip it?

i couldnt agree with you more. this album is fantastic

AMAAS 07/19/07 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by xTJx (Post 5455102)
My only complaint about this cd is that it's short.

agreed, 2 more tracks wouldve made this CD feel a lot better, but it seems as soon as I start it, it's already over

Kid B 12/19/07 07:34 PM

fantastic album.

brook183 04/26/10 09:27 PM

who the hell would skip "blanket of ghosts?" love this record, that track and "please come home" are my favs